Soaring Over MDE

End of Week 5

Well, we have made it through the first month of Distance Learning! I am still amazed by what our teachers and students have been doing. Just a reminder that students should not be eating while on camera, need to be fully dressed, and should be in a seated position. Please remind students that if they were in a classroom, laying on the ground would not be appropriate.

If you can please take a moment and fill out this survey . It is our hope to continue our journey in partnership and support. We appreciate your honest and constructive feedback so we can better meet your needs during these challenging times.

If your answers are vastly different for different children, please state that in the comments or do two surveys to ensure we have the best picture possible to intervene appropriately.

School Gardens

Remember, at this time our school gardens are not "community gardens." Parents and families on campus can walk by and enjoy our gardens and admire how great our campus looks on their way to pick up class materials. However, please remember there should be no picking items out of the gardens.

We hope (soon) that we can create a community table in which items can be picked up and enjoyed.

Big picture


I have tried to contact every student on their birthday so far...However, sadly, I feel that this continues to fall to the back burner and not get accomplished. Thus, I am not getting to wish our birthday boys and girls a VERY Happy Birthday. That being said, I will be adding upcoming birthdays on this weekly newsletter. Last names will never be shared!

9/19-1st Grade Connor***** 9/19-1st Grade Robert***** 9/19-Kindergarten Amelia

9/20-2nd Grade Gavin ******9/20-1st Grade Joshua ****9/20-TK-Arman

9/21-4th Grade Elias******** 9/21-3rd Grade Zander

9/22-5th Grade Rhys********9/22-Kindergarten-Lucas

9/23-Kindergarten- Emmett

9/24-4th Grade Layla******* 9/24-4th Grade Eva********* 9/24-4th Grade Luciana

9/25-5th Grade Ryan******* 9/25-2nd Grade Laurel

Weekend Story

We have a very special guest reader this week....
The True Story of the 3-Little Pigs by A. Wolf