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All You Need to Know about Green Chemistry

12 Principles of Green Chemistry
For the complete list of "Principals of Green Energy" by the Canadian Green Chemistry Network, click the link below:

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Regulations and Restrictions on Companies Marketing Products as "Green" in Canada

Canada has specific rules and regulations on "green" marketing to prevent manufacturers from making false claims.

For the full list of regulations, click the link below:$FILE/guide-for-industry-and-advertisers-en.pdf

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What Makes Green Products Appealing to Investors and Consumers

There is an increasing demand among conumers for "eco-friendly" and "green" products. Consequently, many new companies are becoming interested in green products to satisfy the consumer demand. Investors are taking this as an opportunity to earn money on up-and-coming companies that specialize in this industry.

The consumer interest in these products comes from the "feel-good" factor. When consumers buy eco-friendly products, they feel that they are helping the planet. This eco-friendly zeitgeist can be comparable to the Cold War era. Today, there is a fear that humans have created an unsustainable need for material goods. These goods are taking away valuable resources, and harming the planet. This has created a mass anxiety in the populous. Therefore, consumers are buying green products to feel as though they are helping to restore and heal the planet.