Ashlynn Brook Saves the Day!

15 year old saves New York from her own pet.


Ashlynn Brook was born from super-parents, so you could imagine.

When she was born, she fell into a volcano,and blasted out right into the arms of a couple.

The couple had saw it all, including her parents death. They decided they couldn't keep such an extra-ordinary child, so they decided to give her too her father's "brother"........ BATMAN!!! (Dun, Dun, DUN) She got a pet T-Rex named Rexy, and at the age of only 15, saves the day.

The story of Destruction

Really Rexy!

It was a normal day for everyone, until... A DINOSAUR?!?!? It started to wreck the town, and was going straight for the Statue of Liberty! This sounds like a job for Batman, but he was asleep on his couch! So, I guess Batman's "daughter" will do. She was seen chugging down bottles of Mountain Dew and potato chips before leaving, and riding to the scene in the Bat-Moblie. Wait, isn't she 15? She can't drive yet... Oh well. This is a tall tale. When she got to the scene, she started running up, and then stopped, and was seen taking a selfie, and posting it too social media.(Teenagers these days. GEESH) Then she ran up to the corrupted T-Rex, and felt bad for it. So, she screamed the only name she thought would do this terrible task. "CURSE YOU JOKER!!!!!!!!!!" But, she yelled it so loud, the corrupted T-Rex snapped out of confusion, and felt really bad. But, when she yelled, it broke the entire Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China! So she felt bad and helped build a new one.

Statue of Liberty Re-build

After Ash ruined the Statue of Liberty, they built a new one. and they decided to go green. Did you know that the "old" Statue of Liberty was copper? They based it off Ash, for wrecking and saving the town. With her cool headband and a torch. For no reason AT ALL LIKE WHY DOES SHE HAVE A TORCH?!? And, there is a hidden easter egg. If you look hard enough at the bottom floor of the Statue, you will see dinosaur footprints put there by Rexy. B)

Meet the author

The author of this is a 10 yr old girl who loves writing is very creative, and is in the process of writing 2 stories! Kings and Queens, and Wonderlandia. She also loves to draw and sing/dance.
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