Invasion of Privacy

Schools Invading on the Privacy of Their Students

Schools and Students

There are many cases across America both past and present where a line was crossed between security and privacy within our educational system. Students want to maintain their privacy while school authorities want ensure the safety and comfort of the students which in some cases means there may be some privacy to give up. The transgender bathroom debate would be a prime example of a potential invasion of student privacy in school.

Transgender bathroom rights in schools

  • May 2016, Obama administration directed public schools in the U.S. to ensure transgender students that they are allowed to use school bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice
  • parents think that the new law puts their children at risk
  • Advocates for transgender rights say that this is a breakthrough for civil rights
  • Some students feel violated, some don't care
200 Missouri High Schoolers Walk out Because Transgender Student Wants to Use Girls Bathroom

Gavin Grimm

  • 2014, High school student from Virginia- female to male -notified the school and started using the boys bathroom
  • Adults in the community became outraged- dangerous precedent for female safety
  • Grimm says, "All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom in peace, and I have no problems from students to do that—only from adults."
  • The school board banned her Grimm's use of the boys bathroom- lawyers

filed and one an appeal.

  • The court issued a halt- Grimm will use the unisex bathroom until the court hears the case


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