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The eBike Market Has Developed Rapidly

over the past 5 years. With the launch of crank driven motors by Bosch and Yamaha as well as other competing brands along with new materials such as carbon fibre and improvements in Lithium Ion Battery technology eBikes have now started to be lighter and have longer ranges than ever before. Brand such as Gocycle and Haibike have started to dominate particular sectors such as the urban and electric mountain bike markets. While households names such as Raleigh have entered the market and created excellent reliable eBikes.

The market can be divided into 3 major sections, urban ebikes, mountain ebikes, trekking ebikes.

Urban eBikes, as the name suggests, are designed for use in the city. They are often foldable to allow people to store them in cupboards at home or under their desks at work and are perfect for winding about city streets. The foldable ebikes often have smaller batteries, to reduce their weight, and therefore have smaller ranges. However often these ranges are not as small as some people expect- the Gocyclehas a range of up to 40 miles. Non-foldable urban ebikes can have very long ranges and are designed for comfortable cruising about town. The Moustache Lundi and Raleigh Motus both have exceptionally large ranges and M shaped moustche handlebars allow the bikes to be extremely comfortable.

The electric mountain biking market, or eMTB market, has been dominated for quite some time by Haibike. They produce more eBikes than any other European brand and do so to a very high quality. Their eBikes use the very popular Bosch system and they also have exclusive distribution of the Yamaha eBike system. Seen as the pioneers of the crank driven electric bike motor they have refined their bikes more and more every year integrating the batteries and motors further into the frame and providing a wide array of high spec bikes with a wide variety of different suspension, brakes, saddles, displays and tyres.

Trekking bikes fall between these two groups. They are bikes that can be taken off road but will also not look out of place in a city while still retaining the range and high-end components used on electric mountain bikes.

eBikes are not a new innovation, people have been trying to create electrically powered bikes since the dawn of electricity. However it is only recently that the technology required to makeeBikes a viable consumer proposition has been available. And this is something that is only going to continue, with Sodium Ion Battery Technology on the horizon eBikes should drop dramatically in price and become a lot easier to transport and with new legislation new categories of eBikes can be created to allow more powerful eBikes to replace mopeds and motorbikes as a cleaner alternative in inner cities.

For commuters there are the most exciting options, with a number of new products such as the A-bike coming into the market at a cheaper price point that previously seen. The key will be more seemless integration, when someone can get onto an eBike and not realize it has pedal assistance then we will be on our way to an even bigger eBike market.

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