Overall Expectation

Connect the real experiences of Canadians to information about the causes and effects of migration.

Specific Expectations

– investigate the migrational roots of the members of the class and relate them to

Canada’s cultural development

-identify the push and pull factors that influence people to move

-locate relevant information from a variety of primary and secondary sources

Migration Stories

Identifying push and pull factors related to migration


My Grade 8 students recently completed their studies about the settlement of Western Canada. Their final learning piece was related to the experiences of Chinese workers who immigrated to Canada in the 1880's to build the CPR. Through an examination of the Story Ghost Train and it's characters, students had the opportunity to demonstrate learning by writing, talking, dramatizing and dancing (creative movement). This was a wonderful springboard into learning about the push and pull factors that lead to migration as we had already explored these ideas using common language and the narrow context of the book.

The Lesson(s)

Minds On

Brown Canada PSA

Stories to Tell

At the beginning of the year students wrote tweets about what History meant to them. They included:

History is the past, present and future. Events that occur in the past are history. The events of the past make and complete the present.

History is about events that have occured in the past. We the people of society create history everyday as we live. History is ahead of us.

Everything that happens creates history. History is the past, present and future. The future is ahead of us as are events that will change the world.

We revisited these tweets as we discussed the implication of the video. As first generation Canadians, they all have a story to tell and their stories started before they were born, in other places around the world.


Connecting previous classroom experiences with theory and vocabulary about push and pull factors...and the light bulbs begin to go on...

DI: Knowledge can be accessed in a variety of ways using the textbook, pages given by the teacher or by completing an interactive learning activity online.

-Using transparencies, information in texts can be highlighted

-partner reading

-Pages from Reading Geography: Migration are written at a grade 6 level therefore more accessible for struggling readers

-Online interactive learning activity includes the option for audio, highly graphic, reduced reading content, chunked information presented through characters, basic language and vocabulary, ability to check understanding with a game at the end


Examine the first pair of A and B statements. How are they different?

Examine the second pair of A and B statements. How are they different?

How are the two A statements the same? How are the two B statements the same?

Examine the third pair of A and B statements. How are they different? How are the three A statements the same? How are the three B statements the same?

The following statements elicited the greatest discussion:

Your home country is dominated by a different religion than you practise.

There is a lively cultural community in your destination country.


Using the D2L chat page, summarize the interview you had with a family member by describing the push and pull factors that influenced their migration to Canada. Respond to at least 2 other students by comparing and contrasting your stories, sharing your reactions and/or by offering feedback.

DI: Scribed chat and responses for ESL Stage 1 student (audio responses were also accepted

Consolidate and Connect

Students demonstrate their comfort with the content using thumbs up or down.

DI: Based on their level of comfort they may choose the assignment that offers the support they feel they need. The same knowledge and understanding are being demonstrated and assessed in each version using co-constructed criteria.

-Thumbs up is the Tier 3 assignment in which 2 news articles are chosen and the push pull factors are described.

-Thumbs to the side is the Tier 2 assignment in which 2 scenarios are provided and the push and pull factors are described.

-Thumbs down is the Tier 1 assignment in which 2 simple scenarios are provided and students describe the push pull factors using jot notes in a chart

All versions end by requiring students to create their own migration scenario and explain the push and pull factors.


  • Write a personal narrative detailing your migration story
  • Dramatize or write a song about your story
  • Compare and contrast your migration story with another student
  • Assessment: summarize your interview by detailing push and pull factors and barriers. Next choose any location in the world to relocate. Why did you choose this place? Which push and pull factors and barriers might you face? Imagine living there for some time, what advice would give to another potential immigrant prior to moving? Use the Choice Board to show your learning.