Solar Phone


where we got are meterials

we got are solar panel and battery from a calculator that Miguel bought at the store and brought to hector so he could take it apart

we got are idea from google

we saw a solar panel and decided to combine it with a phone and call it a solar phone the solar panel gathers energy and transefers it to the phone.

possibl asked questions

how does it work or does it work

it works when the solar panel stores the suns energy in the battery of the case and when the phone runs low on power to 10 percent it automatically charges with a touch of a button. 2nd question yes it does work and it was proven to have but the project was recently lost and we could not find but that don't mean it was not proven

who built it

Braydon built the solar panel with the provided parts from the calculator

average amounts of money spent on phones

the average amount spent on phones and phone bills every year is almost 200,000 dollars for the bill and 2,000,000 dollars on phones
Big image

this is what our product would have looked like