Dont judge someone by there cover

Annelise Anderson Period 6-7

Analysis of the development of theme

The setting, characters, plot, and conflict affect each other a lot. They all work together and make up everything and how the story turns out. The area Max lives in and Freak actually being in his life and having the disability he has affects the plot and conflict in the story. Those four things make up the whole story. The theme is to not judge someone by their cover. You see this theme pretty early in the book. For example, in the book it says right at the start on page 2, "the next thing I notice is this crippled up yellow haired midget kid". Right there it already tells you about Kevin's problem and it shows that if Max had judged Kevin right then, the book would not have been the same. At another part in the book it talks about Max on page 145 "Maxwell never brakes a dish Gram is saying" "He is very sure handed for someone so large" and it just makes the theme work even more. If someone just looked at Max they would probably think he was just like his father, but really he is not! That is why the setting, characters, plot, and conflict affect the story so much.

Reflection and Application of Theme

The theme is a very good theme that is probably very thought over by the author and is very true in real life. We should all be learning from this theme and should do it. I think the theme is one that relates to our time very well, because, if we want friends we need to not judge people so quickly. We need to get to know them before we judge. If we judge to quickly then you might miss some of the best people. The author kept the theme going the whole book, for example, when they first met Loretta and Iggy they thought they were the scariest and meanest people ever. But, in the end, Loretta and Iggy saved Max from his father. For example, I have a friend and she does not were the most in style clothes or ever do anything with her hair. If you were just going to look at her and judge her, you would think she was super weird. If you really just talk to her and actually were her friend then you would see that she is super funny, smart, and a very fun person to be around. She is my very good friend. The theme is one thing I use and it relates to me and everyone.

Summary of Freak the Mighty

The adventures of Freak the Mighty.

The book is about Freak and Max and there adventures. They use there imaginations and fight dragons and are king Arthur's knights. Max and Freak live in the U.S.A and use there setting to there advantage and have a lot of fun. They are the dream team to all the eighth graders and are the best of friends. They do it all because of friendship and fun but, most of all love. They are Freak the Mighty!