Nahla - Kalia

by Keiarra Jordan

The first day with my baby girl

The first day was pretty easy, she slept most of the day. During the day I had her during school. I wasn't hard but it did take some getting used to. I got plenty of weird looks for people who didn't know who I was. I got stopped multiple times by people asking me if they could see my baby, could they hold her, what's her name? She brought A LOT of attention I was not used to having. Once the day was over I rode the bus home because I don't drive. My grandparents picked me up from the bus stop so I wouldn't have to walk all the way home. I had lots of family who wanted to meet her after school. I wasn't feeling up to having many visitors, so I told them to come over the weekend.

The first night

Naha is a very peaceful baby girl she only cries when she is hungry, and when she's hungry you WILL KNOW. I have to remind myself to check her dipper at night because she won't even cry. I also had lots of my close family who pitched in with A LOT so that all I had to worry about was taking care of Naha. In total I woke up about every 3 hours and staked up for 1hour 30mins to feed her, burp, and change her if needed.

Fun with Nahla-Kalia

Baby Nahla!

Big disagreement!

Me and Cameron had a disagreement last night over our babies sleeping arrangement. For this first few days I we had her sleeping in a small crib in our room which isn't a problem to me because I don't have to walk much to get to her and I don't have to walk much to put her back to sleep. Well last night was his night and he felt that it was just easier for him to keep her in bed with him because he was tired of getting up and walking back and forth. We went on for about 2hours. We came to a conclusion that we will get a bassinet that will roll up to the side of the bed so that he doesn't have to walk far to tend to Nahla.

Day at the park

Me and my nana took baby girl to the park for a little fresh air. She went swinging on the swings. That was her favorite thing to do because she smiled the whole time not only that but cried once it took her off. I went down the slide with her and she didn't find that as soothing. I had quite a few stairs and looks because I guess no one has ever seen a teen mother. Nahla went to visit Cameron mom (her grandmother). She loved being in her arms and seeing hearing her beautiful voice. Whenever she spoke to her Nahla had a smile 10 miles long. On the way back home we stopped at subway to get dinner that day. Then went home because is was starting to get late.