Kyogle High School

Term 3 Staff Newsletter

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for the term - it has been full on right from the start with performances, HSC major works, socials, sport, excursions, incursions etc. I know I say it to the kids continually on Assembly but I do really mean it when I say they are very lucky with all the extra curricula offered her at Kyogle High School.

Remember Committee Meetings Tuesday Week 3 Term 4

Important that Committee Meetings are keeping their folders up to date with Attendance, minutes and of course the aim that you worked out at the first meeting.

At this meeting would like a Plan for 2016 (in line with School Strategic Plan) and if/what budget would be required.

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Professional Development

Professional Development has changed from the traditional face to face presentations to an emphasis on online PD. The positives of this is you can complete it at your own pace, when you want and in some cases, taylor it to your own unique learning needs.

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning sets a new direction for improving teacher quality and student leaning outcomes in NSW schools. It will help students to achieve better results by researching and sharing what makes an excellent teacher, and supporting the career long professional development of all teachers.

It is divided into distinct phases:

1. Initial teacher education

The plan includes actions to ensure students entering teaching degrees are strong academic achievers, with an aptitude for teaching and initiatives for providing teacher education students with high quality opportunities to practise their teaching skills in the classroom. In addition the quality of initial teacher education in NSW will be assessed in a number of agreed priority areas.

2. Entry into the profession

The plan includes actions to increase induction and mentoring support for beginning teachers and to require teachers returning to the profession to complete a refresher course.

3. Develop and maintain practice

The plan places the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the centre of reforms which will deliver fair and accountable performance and accreditation processes and high quality professional development for all NSW teachers.

4. Recognise and share outstanding practice

The plan includes actions to ensure career pathways and improved support for school leaders, including a requirement to formally demonstrate outstanding teaching practice. Initiatives for better understanding and sharing what makes an excellent teacher are also included.

We are on all a shared journey that started this year with the introduction of our PDP's and will continue to build as we consolidate the strategic directions of the Department.


We are fortunate to have Mia making attendance and truancy a focus 5 days a fortnight at the moment and this will continue in Term 4. This doesn't mean it is not all our business, as when kids on our roll they are our responsibility in the timetabled period we have them.

The P&C at last weeks meeting felt that this is a timely response to what is being seen as 'a growing problem' with students leaving school without the appropriate permissions.

Early next term Mia will be presenting a flow chart of her targets and what people will be involved. I am also going to get Mia to target uniform as well as students dress is largely being ignore by the majority of staff.

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Deputy Principal

A huge thank you to Joe Landers for his role as Deputy Principal this year and also to Jenny Densley for Term 4 last year.

In Term 4 2015, the new Deputy will be starting and I am confident that all staff will be supportive. David Hanley comes to us after 28 years at Richmond River and I think he was English Head Teacher for about the last 10 years. It will be a huge adjustment for him to move to a new school although I am sure Jimmy Selwood will fill him in (David actually taught Jim!).

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Professional Development Funds 2016

As many of you are aware, there is a significant increase in these funds coming into our school in 2016.

The Department is increasing its investment in professional development for teachers. From 2016 the amount of funding for professional learning in NSW public schools will increase by 50% to $51 million each year.

The NSW Education Reform Update - December 2013 on page 4 states:

This additional funding will be made available to schools so that when principals and teachers map out their professional development needs they have the funds they need to put their plans into place.

This means that there needs to be a consistent approach to these funds to support both whole school professional learning as well as those individually. Important that use of these funds aligns with both the School Strategic Plan and individual PDPs.

Call for Volunteers.....Whole School Responsibilities

A couple of opportunities exist for staff:

1. Positive Behaviour for Learning

Finally getting under way with Univeral Training in Term 4 in Ballina. KHS is approaching this with an unique model as we are teaming up with our partner primary schools to be "Community of Schools" rather than individual schools.

Following the training, we will meet as a 'community of schools' after school 2x a term to plan, seek feedback, examine data and roll out training for PBL....There will be focused whole school activities planned for 2016.

If you are interested in being part of this team, please send me an email stating why you are interested and the skills you would bring to the team.

2. Budget Committee

Reinvigorating the budget committee. The role of this committee is to have 3 meetings in Term 4 to look at the budget for 2016 and make some whole school decisions. Faculties will be asked to submit their Budget Requests to the committee and at an after school meeting present their requests (this can be done by the HT or a representative).

This committee will comprise of the Principal, Deputy, SAM, P&C Rep and two teaching representatives.

If you would like to be part of this committee - please email your expression of interest to me.

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