Chrome Vs. Safari

Winner: Safari

I believe that Safari is the winner because of its integration in Mac computers. Of course, if you are using the browser on another operating system, Chrome or the integrated browser may be better, but for Macs Safari is the best choice. Safari has many other tools as well, including a reading list that synchronizes across all of your apple devices, an easy access bookmarks bar, and an easy to use share sheet that lets you share the page across many devices. Chrome has a lot of apps, but Safari gives you a wide range of extensions that you can easily add. For example, you can get an extension that lets you view Facebook photos larger whenever you hover over them. Safari is also very fast and responsive, and gives you the option of force refreshing the page if it stops responding. It also has a very good pop up blocker and if a website does bypass that and start pushing lots of pop ups on you there is a button that says "do not allow popups from this website" which blocks pop ups from it entirely. Safari is also very secure in that it doesent allow arbitrary downloads to your computer and each extension has to pass Apple's certification and standards test.