South Carolina

A colony on the rise

First Public Library

In 1698, South Carolina created the first publicly supported library. Although the library was publically supported, South Carolina's government felt they had a responsibility to maintain and protect the library. The rules of the library were strict and enforced heavy penalties for loss or damage to the books.
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A flourishing colony in a state of despair

I remember arriving in Charles Town when the Carolinas was still one. I paid the way for 10 indentured servants and myself. Carolina had adopted the head right system that was used in Virginia allotting me with acres of land. I quickly reached wealth by cultivating cotton and some tobacco. Once rice and indigo began to flourish it became the staple of my success, along with African and Indian slaves. Soon the colony divided into two, resulting in North and South Carolina. Shortly after, the Yamasee Indians, who had become resentful of our traders exploiting their people, culture and land, attacked us. The Yamasee War took a toll on my town when frontier settlers fled to Charles town, causing many to go in a state of starvation. The war was bloody and gruesome and killed many of my friends; it completely threatened the stability of the colony. It took us time to recover to get to the flourishing colony we once were.

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