Privacy and Security

By:Brian W


  • You should change your passwords every 6 months.
  • Passwords should not be easy to guess.
  • A password should be long for an important account.
  • Make sure you dont share your passwords with anyone


  • A scam is a dishonest scheme or fraud.
  • The purpose of it is to get your information.
  • They might trick you to scam you like a email that you won something.


  • Keep every account to yourself
  • Do not share any information
  • Hackers usually look for your credit card information don't give that out.
  • Keep your social media accounts private

User Agreements

User Agreements is basically an agreement between you and the buyer and the company for example if you buy an app from the app store it always asks if you agree and everyone basically does not read the information they usually just agree but it says that you agree to their terms and services but you have to be careful with that.

  • Always read a bit of the agreement
  • Make sure you don't agree to nothing stupid
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