What will we eat in the USA?

For breakfast,

we will eat DeLux Breakfast Sandwich and Cobb Salad at Grand Lux Cafe a restaurant in Chicago City.
We will also eat Oreo Cheesecake and Coffee for dessert.
We’ll miss this restaurant because it is very cheap and delicious!

For lunch,

we will eat Stone Crab Claws with Key Lime Pie at Joe's Stone Crabs, a restaurant in Miami. Because it is a specialty of Miami!

For dinner,

For dinner, we will eat lobster scampi and clam chowder at Union Oyster House, a restaurant in Boston.
This restaurant is the oldest restaurant in the USA.

Are you going shopping in the USA?

Yes, we are going shopping in the USA.
We will buy ugly accessories anywhere!
It makes us funny and leaves comic recollections.

Where will you go party in the USA?

While in the USA, we will drink wine at Opus One Winery in California. And then, we will enjoy the night parade at Disneyland in Los Angeles.

Disneyland Fantasmic night show