100th Day of School is Tomorrow!

Team Eske Newsletter- 1/25/18

From the Desk of Mrs. Eske:

Hi Fourth Grade Families,

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow is the 100th day of school!! To celebrate this milestone for the school year, students K-5 were given paw prints to write down what they love about Jeffries. These paw prints will then be displayed in the entry way wall of our school, highlighting the "100's of Reasons Why We Love Jeffries!" Team Eske did a great job writing down what they love about Jeffries and I am excited to see the wall after the other classes and grade levels are finished with their PAWS!!! I encourage you to check out our 100th day wall, as well...the next time you're visiting!! We are certainly proud to be Jeffries Jaguars and definitely excited for the 100th day of school.

Tomorrow is also group yearbook picture day!!! So if your child is part of one of the many AMAZING groups here at Jeffries; Choir, Math Club, 3-D Leaders, etc., I encourage you to have them bring on the smiles!! :)

In other news and friendly reminders:

-We have a field trip coming up next week on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. We will have the amazing opportunity to hear the Springfield Symphony perform for us!! Field trip forms were sent home the beginning of last week...so please remind your child that these forms are due by Monday of next week.

-Our Middle of the Year iReady scores in reading and math were great, but we want to continue that awesome growth...so please continue to encourage your child to be completing their Lexia reading units (at least 5 per week) and Dreambox math lessons (5-7 per week) at home, if they do not have an opportunity to get those in at school. Most days, students have enough time to complete their Lexia and Dreambox lessons, however they may need to do these lessons for homework... if they are absent or if our regular math/reading lessons take longer than expected. Thank you for your support at home.

-We also want to continue practicing our multiplication facts at home. Students know how to access our math modules from Canvas, and for each multiplication fact, there is a lesson and quiz. We are at various levels throughout the class, so I encourage you to ask your child how they are progressing with their facts. As we make our way into more difficult subject matter in math, knowing these facts quickly with hopefully help boost their confidence!

-Also, I have been noticing more students coming in without their Chromebooks being charged/and or without their headsets or earbuds. Please encourage your child to have their Chromebooks fully charged when coming to school and if they take their headset/earbuds home, please ensure they bring those back the next day. We have had several headsets break, get misplaced, or are just being left at home...so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your support!!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Mrs. Eske

Subject Area Sneak Peek for Next Week!!

Math: Review of Patterns and Sequences and Fraction Fun

Reading: Main Idea of a Story; Expository Text Features

Content: American Revolution/Boston Massacre (Detective Journal)

Writing: Grammar, grammar, and more grammar... :) Expository Text Essays