Civano Wellness Week

May 4 - 8, 2020

May 4....Mindful Monday

What does mindfulness mean? Mindfulness is a way to bring ourselves back into the present moment. Instead of thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, we are able to take a deep breath, and just be. Yoga, meditation, taking deep breaths and listening to calming music are just some of the ways we can relax and savor the moment.

Quick Mindful Reset:

Take a deep breath

What are:

5 things you see?

4 things you feel?

3 things you hear?

2 things you smell?

1 thing you taste?

Yoga & Meditation Videos

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle: Melting-Flow

Go Noodle: Rainbow Breath

Go Noodle: Bring it Down

Meditation & Mindfulness Apps:

Mood Monsters Yoga Workshop (Ages: 6-12)

Music Zen - Relaxing Music & Meditations: Apple or GooglePlay

May 5...Tobacco Awareness Tuesday

Tobacco Awareness Tuesday highlights the importance of understanding the dangers of smoking cigarettes and vaping. This experiment shows what smoking just one cigarette can do to your lungs! YUCK! We have also compiled some activities specifically for our K-5 students and 6-8 students.


Get Smart About Tobacco is a Scholastic article about what tobacco does to our bodies and the dangers of secondhand smoke. It also helps to know How the Respiratory System Works, too!

Here is a powerpoint presentation from, Listen-Up and Kick Butt that overviews the dangers of tobacco.


Every year, Empire High School’s Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) travels to Civano to do many fun activities and presentations for our middle school students. While they won’t be able to do that this year, they do have some great Videos and presentations on tobacco awareness, e-cigarettes and vape.

May 6... Bike and Walk Wednesday

Riders and Walkers, is an interactive presentation addressing the benefits and basic safety issues of biking and walking (the presentation starts at 5:00).

Students follow along a Chutes & Ladders-inspired game featuring famous Tucson landmarks as characters Sofia and Santiago bike and walk to school. This presentation is adapted from the in-classroom version, Riders and Walkers. It’s part of the Safe Routes to School Tucson program and encourages families to explore their neighborhood on foot and bicycle.

After viewing Riders and Walkers, families can complete this Walking Checklist together to reinforce safe routes concepts and learn ways to make their neighborhood a better place for walking.

Riders and Walkers is made possible with support from the City of Tucson Bicycle and Pedestrian Program in partnership with Living Streets Alliance and the Environmental Education Exchange.

May 7...Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for this video! :)

Did you know that THANKFULNESS (aka “gratitude”) is a skill? You can learn to flex those gratitude muscles! Here are 10 ideas to train yourself to be thankful (from

1. Say please and thank you. Our manners show that we do not believe we are entitled to anything, and that in fact, we appreciate whatever comes our way.

2. Help someone less fortunate. This could be your neighbor down the street, grandma, or someone you know who is in a tough spot.

3. Send out thank you cards. Express your gratitude for those who have added value to your life.

4. Look for awe-inspiring moments in your day. If the sunset is particularly beautiful, comment on it. If the sound of the baby’s laughter warms your heart, tell someone. Look for their awe-inspiring moments and share them with your family.

5. Share your gratitude at bedtime. Take five minutes at the end of the day to share with someone what you are thankful for that day.

6. Share your gratitude at the dinner table. Take a moment at dinner time to share what you are thankful for. Go around the table, allowing each family member a chance to vocalize their gratitude.

7. Keep a gratitude journal. This can be in any form that works best for your child’s age, skill level and desire. Some kids will want to spend time writing their thoughts down. Others may be more apt to express their gratitude through drawing or painting.

8. Write a letter. Write a letter to someone who has touched your life in some way. If you are comfortable, make a visit, phone call, or video call to that person to read the letter out loud. If not, mail it.

9. Create a family gratitude list. Post it on the fridge. Add to it when necessary.

10. Take a gratitude walk. While you walk, look for the simple pleasures in the day, such as the warm sun or the birds singing and express appreciation for them. Use this time to think about what you are grateful for.

Gratitude is a skill. An attitude of gratitude is a positive way of looking at life. Gratitude can increase our happiness, teach us to be more empathetic and help us to be more thankful for everything we have.

May 8...Friday Funday!

Being WELL is about doing things that make you feel good inside and out and support you being HEALTHY. It’s about taking care of yourself and the world around you.

What can you do today to make wellness FUN?

Music is FUN!

Primary (PreK-2nd grade)

Here is a simple Freeze Dance song with instructions in the song!

This is called The Dinosaur Stomp!

This is a song called Bim Bum which uses clapping, snapping, and more.

Intermediate and Upper Grades (3rd Grade and Up)

This is a body percussion song. How many levels can you make it


This song has a positive message. Can you creatively move with song?

You could beat a homemade drum, march to the beat, act out an

airplane, or come up with your own moves!

Some cool dance moves for a song we all love -- We bet you can’t stop moving!

Get Yo Body Movin is another fun one with dance moves in the video!