Spring Break

by: De'more Chandler

What was happen ?

Me and my sister went to Atlanta during the break and we had fun when Easter was bout to come, we had drew on the Easter bag , and we made a Easter basket and we color and design on the eggs. first we ate and other people was putting candy in the Easter bag and the Easter basket. everybody was taking a break outside and we all played catching the football and the other kids was playing kick ball, and when we got back in the building we was in a group and we was painting or designing the eggs. and soon as we finish we was cleaning up and throwing all the trash in the stuff into the trash bag. and i took the trash out and soon as we finish we was lining up in a circle and we talked about all the things we did in the group, and we talked bout all the things all the kids was doing and we did a great job in our group. and i help the kids paint and designing the eggs and making a Easter basket and drawing on the Easter bag. and then every body was leaving and we all went home.



When it's was Easter day everyone was at church. first i was scared to come inside the church because i haven't been inside the church before, but as soon as i set down I wasn't scared no more. when we left we went to show the little kids where we was hiding the eggs at and i help some of the kids found a few eggs and when the kids found all the eggs they played on the playground and they all had fun and we back in the building people was eating candy and listen to their music. and people they was talking and i was sitting down listening to my music. and my auntie went home and we was waiting on my other auntie to come over and they came over and visit and my auntie was cooking and we all ate and my other auntie was doing my sister hair. and the next morning we went back home.

2nd Story

Me and my family went to Montezuma And i was visiting my other family and my old friends and me and my brother and my Friends we took picture and we was playing basket ball and we was eating. and me and my friends talk about what i was doing when i move to Americus last year. they told me that i should back and i told them nope i'm good where i'm at and they ask me do i like it there, and i said yeah i guess. and we all walked to the store and we bought some chips and pies . and we had fun we and we went everywhere and we went to Mc'Donalds, and we went to the mall. then i went to my friends house and they was laughing at each other and i was looking around and they said what's up.. and i was laughing

3rd Story

During the break i wasn't ready to come back to school and i was worried and nervous yesterday and it was a boring day yesterday itself for when i was to my friends house yesterday and my ma was dying my hair and she retwisted my hair lastnight .