Books that include Drama & Romance


The focus of this text set is romance and drama. I like those kinds of book and I think grades 6-8 girls should read them because we can relate to them. All schools have drama, romance etc. The books I chose to select, I chose for a reason because they are really good and those types of books you don’t want to put down till your down with it.

The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez By; Judy Goldschmidt

Raisin is an awesome teenager, she totally rocks. When Raisin moves from California to Philadelphia, she finds out it’s not so sweet to hide things from people. The only way Raisin can survive the painful transition is by recording every detail in a secret blog she keeps for her best friends from home.

The Boyfriend List* By; E.Lockhart

Ruby is a very interesting girl; she gets into a lot of trouble with her friends, boyfriend, and parents.

Some Girls Are By; Courtney Summers

Regina is in for a really mean, thrilling ride. Her friends don’t believe her when one of her drunken friend does something to her. Then her other “friend” tell everybody what happened.

Far From You By; Tess Sharpe

Sophie nearly died twice and she still is living strong. Until her best-friend Mina gets killed. Sophie is out to find who did it and isn’t going to quit till she finds out who did it. You won’t believe who it was.

Love and Leftovers By; Sarah Tregay

Marcie is dragged to New Hampshire for the summer; Marcie soon realizes that her mom has no plans for them to return to Marcie's father in Idaho.


They all go together because they all relate to the same thing, drama, romance, people getting made fun of etc. People who like drama books would love these because there so exciting, funny! My favorite out of all of these is Far from You. It so good it makes you want to stay up to like 3:00am to finish it! It so surprising at the end, but just read it to find out! So I highly suggest to check these books out!