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Week of March 1 - 5

Upcoming Events

  • March 5 - No School, Teacher In-Service
  • March 9, 1:30-3:30 - Yearbook photos in cafeteria
  • March 10, 3:00-8:00 - Lenape Blood Drive
  • March 17, 3:00 - Career & Community Spotlight Event
  • March 18, 9:00 - Parent Council Meeting

Student Spotlight

Lenape 7th grade student Priyansh Patel entered the 2021 Doodle for Google competition. Students from across the country submit entries for a chance to have their doodle featured on Google's homepage. This year's theme is, "I am strong because..." Check out Priyansh's submission below. Way to go!
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Attendance Updates

5-Day Traditional Students

  1. Absences Students will be coded as absent if they are not physically present in school. The attendance code will be changed to “Excused” once we have the communication from the parent/guardian (students cannot excuse themselves). Please email our attendance office at lenapeattendance@cbsd.org or call 267-893-2820 If a communication is not received from a parent/guardian, the student absence will be coded as “Unexcused.” Students are permitted to join classes online through teacher Teams links (not required and at parent discretion), but the absence will remain.
  2. Virtual Present – This code will no longer be used for regular school attendance. We expect 5-day students to attend in person each day. This code will only be used under the following circumstances as approved by the school nurse:
    • Quarantine (positive case or close contact from COVID Case)
    • Prolonged illnesses (3 days consecutive or more)

Online Students

  1. Absences Students will be coded as absent for the following reasons:
    1. If they do not attend class or sign on the Teams call
    2. If they sign on but leave the call before instructed to do so
    3. If they do not engage at the instruction of the teacher
  2. The attendance code will be changed to “Excused” once we have the communication from the parent/guardian (students cannot excuse themselves). Please email our attendance office at lenapeattendance@cbsd.org or call 267-893-2820. If a communication is not received from a parent/guardian, the student absence will be coded as “Unexcused.”

Changing Option from 5-Day to Online

Parents requesting to switch students from the 5-Day Traditional to Online learning model option for the marking period may make this request by emailing gsaullo@cbsd.org and ladowd@cbsd.org.

Parents will have the option for students to return to the traditional 5-Day Model again at the beginning of the 4th marking period.

Note – Students cannot move “back and forth” between models during the marking period.

The school must have documentation within 3 days of an absence. Students with 3 or more unexcused absences may be required to have a SAIP (Student Attendance Intervention Plan) meeting with parents/guardians, counselors, and administration.

Morning Drop-Off by Car

From 7:00 to 7:30 AM, traffic in and out of Lenape is ONE WAY. All traffic must enter from W. State Street (202) and exit onto West Street (back of building). Car riders should not exit the car until they are along the back side of the building in front of the cafeteria. Please use the "roller coaster" approach to dropping off:

  • All cars pull up to the white line by the cafeteria doors with the first car in the group pulling all the way up to the yield sign.
  • Every car in the designated area opens its doors and all kids disembark and walk into the cafeteria.
  • The goal is to have 12-15 cars empty at a time rather than 3-4.
  • Once all students have exited, the next wave of cars fill in and the process continues until all students have been dropped off.
  • Cars must then exit onto West Street. Please, no U-turns through the parking areas.

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Click here to view more works of art in our latest Lenape Virtual Art Gallery!

Repeated Announcements

Lenape NJHS Blood Drive - March 10th

Fun Fact Friday:

Every three seconds someone needs blood. Just one pint of donated blood can help save as many as three people's lives.

On Wednesday, March 10, you have the chance to help save a life or three. Please see the flier below with more information about Lenape’s blood drive this year (created by Maggie Meglio). Or click here to sign up to donate!

Don’t miss this exciting and rewarding opportunity!

Stay well,

Lenape NJHS

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Peer Tutoring

Does your student need some additional help in their classes? Have them take this survey and we will be in contact ASAP about peer tutoring. Peer tutoring is where you work with a current 9th grader at Lenape on assignments or extra practice for class. Our goal is to get your student back on track and feeling confident in their classes. Please feel free to contact Sra. Willcox for more information. (gcaravella@cbsd.org)

Missing Yearbook Photos

We are missing many students; photographs and would love to get their picture in our Lenape Yearbook! The make up date for yearbook pictures is Tuesday, March 9th from 1:30 - 3:30 in the cafeteria.

We do have a deadline for submitting our yearbook and it is quickly approaching. If these dates do not work for you, please reach out to C & C Photo Studios to make an appointment.

Please contact Kat Eberts (keberts@cbsd.org) or Lauren Spiece (lspiece@cbsd.org) with any questions.

Hero Squad - Final Tally

Our Hero Squad campaign is coming to an end this week and we've already raised about $1800! Thank you for all of your support and generous donations. Stay tuned for the final total!

Counselors' Corner

Program Planning Update

7th grade – Counselors are making requested changes and will monitor the requests for advanced classes for students who were not recommended

8th grade – It is important to follow these directions NO LATER THAN March 2, 2021:

  1. Acknowledge that you reviewed the courses in the PARENT portal by following these directions.
  2. If you are requesting any changes, please submit this Forms Survey by March 2nd.

9th grade – Counselors are currently reviewing courses and will reach out to students with questions/concerns

Lenape Schoolwide Canvas for Program Planning – all resources for can be found there!

Use this link to enroll in the Lenape Schoolwide Canvas course if students have not done so already:


Please reach out to your student’s counselor with any questions. Refer to the Program Planning page on the Lenape Guidance website for timelines and other helpful resources.

Your student’s Lenape counselor is available to support this process. It is important that students visit the Canvas page as their main point of reference.

MBIT Virtual Tours & Info Sessions

Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT) offers virtual tour experiences in all of our twenty-two programs. Students that reside in and attend school in our four participating school districts, Central Bucks, Centennial, Council Rock, and New Hope-Solebury, are welcome to attend MBIT. If your student has completed 8th grade and resides in one of our participating districts, you are welcome to request a virtual tour of a MBIT program they are considering attending.

Our School Counselor or MBIT staff will take you on a virtual tour of the labs and classrooms of interest. During this experience, the students will observe a typical day in the classroom, LIVE!

If interested in virtual tour of a program at MBIT, please complete the online request form here. They will contact you to schedule the live virtual tour experience.

In addition, MBIT runs "Careers and Conversations" sessions every Wednesday at 10:10. Find more information and sign up here. The following topics will be discussed during upcoming sessions:

  • March 3rd
    • Computerized Drafting & Engineering Graphics
    • Engineering Related Technology
    • Welding Technology

Questions about MBIT? Contact Mrs. Nolan at cnolan@cbsd.org.

Sports & Extracurricular Information

CB West Softball Tryouts

CB West Softball tryouts are March 8th. Please see the flier below with more information about pre-season workouts and the softball mailing list.

CB West Varsity & JV Girls Lacrosse

If interested in playing Varsity or JV girls lacrosse for Central Bucks West, please contact Coach Nicole Fisher. The mandatory season practices begin on March 8th but we are holding optional offseason practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:45. Prior to coming to any practices, you must register on Family ID and complete the daily Covid-19 survey. If you are interested or have any questions about next steps, contact Coach Nicole Fisher at nfisher@cbsd.org. We look forward to meeting you!

Lenape Sports This Week

Monday, March 1

8th Boys Basketball at Tamanend (3:15)

7th Boys Basketball vs. Tamanend (3:15)

Tuesday, March 2

No contests scheduled

Wednesday, March 3

Wrestling at CB West (3:30)

Thursday, March 4

8th Boys Basketball vs. Unami (3:15)

7th Boys Basketball at Unami (3:15)

Friday, March 5

No school

Updated Sports Masking Letter

Updated Spectator Information

Lenape Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular clubs and activities provide students with opportunities to explore interests, make connections with in-class learning, have fun, and make friends. Extracurricular activity meetings are announced in the daily Lenape Morning Announcements e-mails and the activity catalog can be viewed here. At this time, most extracurricular clubs and meetings are being held virtually.

News From the Nurse

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Breakfast & Lunch Reminder

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Grab and Go Meals

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Recursos Para Padres Hispanohablantes

Abajo se encuentran recursos en Español para padres y guardianos de los estudiantes de Central Bucks.

Recursos Para Padres Hispanohablantes

Attendance Notifications

The district has turned on attendance notifications. If you've opted in via Parent Portal, you will be notified any time your child is not in class. Please assist us in keeping accurate attendance records by notifying the attendance line if your child will be missing school for any reason by emailing lenapeattendance@cbsd.org.

Easily monitor your child's attendance by downloading the Campus Parent app.

Request for Family Travel

Families are required to submit a request for family travel form whenever there will be a planned absence from school. The updated travel form can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Per the guidelines listed in the district’s health and safety plan, students returning from states/countries listed on the commonwealth’s "COVID-19 Information for Travelers" web page may not attend school in-person or participate in school-sponsored activities in person for 10 days from the date on which they return from travel. (Students will participate in classes online during this time period). Upon day 5 of quarantine, a student may obtain a COVID-19 test and, if it is negative, they are permitted to return after 7 days of quarantine (return to school on day 8). School administrators reserve the right to enforce this procedure in the event that students return in-person in violation of this directive.


Safe2Say is a valuable resource that has been set up by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide a method for anyone to report a concern about a student or group of students 24/7. Please note some important reminders about the use of Safe2Say:

  • If you put in a tip, please check back often for communications. The tip line is monitored 24/7 at the state level. The tip is sent to the school and/or police if it is deemed "Life Safety" immediately. It is sent in the morning if it is determined to be "Non-Life Safety."
  • It is important to include as much information as possible. If you have evidence of your concerns, please share that evidence via the tip or with us. You can attach pictures and videos in the Safe2Say system.

Please remember that Safe2Say is statewide system that is used in collaboration with the State Attorney's Office, emergency responders, and school officials. It is important to know that tips are reviewed on the state level before being passed to the local police and/or school authorities. Please consider the purpose of your tip - Is it to provide another person with a way to receive help? Is it preventing an act of violence? Is it something that needs to involve local and state authorities? While the system is anonymous, abuse of the system will not be tolerated and actions will be taken if it is determined that the system is being used inappropriately.

Guidance Sparks - Inspirational Videos

One of the first steps to selecting a career is to become aware of the many options available. In Central Bucks schools, our students begin that process through the Career Readiness related curriculum in elementary buildings (QUEST, Economics Project in Social Studies) and secondary buildings (Success Plan, Information Technology classes).

Here are two videos which might inspire that search for just the right career. Watch them with your children and listen to what they say about what they see in their future.

For younger students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9TLZBZ3eo8&feature=youtu.be

For older students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP89iBasyCE

For comments or questions, please contact Ginny Barrett at vbarrett@cbsd.org.

Technology Information and Resources

Health and Safety Resources

A friendly reminder: If your child is sick and is exhibiting any Covid-like symptoms, please reference the chart below to determine if it is safe for them to come to school. If you need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the nurse's office for assistance.

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Community Information