Erascible Sam & Folly Society (UVA)

An Advent Feast Italiana with Dante & Miss Flannery

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Advent Feast Italiana

You are invited to a special dinner meeting of the SEi Erascible Sam & Folly Society at UVA!

The evening features an Italian dinner, of course, good company, conversation, and refreshments. The main "serving" of the evening is a Flannery O'Connor short story followed by discussion. A variety of related and festive ingredients will be woven throughout. Namely, for those daring, short recitals of lines from Dante's Divine Comedy (no more than 12 lines) will spontaneously happen throughout the dinner, and perhaps a few Advent and Christmas Carols will begin and end the evening.

As courage has been a topic of the last meeting and a SEi focus this semester, it will have some space in the discussion following the story, especially its relations to such things as anger and perception. As an aid, it may be helpful to read the current journal on the website, and keep some of the quotes by Josef Pieper regarding courage in mind.

The cost: $20

The attire: sport coat (and something else)

We look forward to a great night and a new tradition, and hope you can join us!

Danny, Jack, Ryan, and Anthony

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Flannery O'Connor's The Comforts of Home is the feature, and is sure to surprise and engage. It is not necessary or recommended to read it ahead of time.

See link below to her collected stories--a book to have in your library!

An Advent Feast Italiana with Dante & Miss Flannery: Erascible Sam & Folly Society (uva)

Saturday, Dec. 12th 2015 at 8-10:30pm

Villa de Antonio, Danny, Jack & Co.

Fee: $20 per person

Attire: sport coat

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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The ghost of Thomas's father rose before him...

His expression was a turmoil of indecision and outrage. His pale blue eyes seemed to sweat in his broiling face. He closed them for a moment and on the back of his lids, his father's image leered at him. Idiot! the old man hissed, idiot! The criminal slut stole your gun! See the sheriff! See the Sheriff!

~ from The Comforts of Home by Flannery O'Connor

(above lithograph: The Ghost on the Terrace by Delacroix, depicts Hamlet seeing his father's ghost,

Thomas was not cynical and so far from being opposed to virtue, he saw it as the principle of order and the only thing that makes life bearable. His own life was made bearable by the fruits of his mother's saner virtues--by the well-regulated house she kept and the excellent meals she served. But when virtue got out of hand with her...

~ The Comforts of Home

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The Dumb Ox: Thomas Aquinas

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~ Erasmus

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