Epicly Awesome Grammar

By: Joshua Murphy

Boss Noun Phrases

The noun phrase is a part of a sentence when it states the person, place, thing or idea is put into a sentance and then the verb phrase is inserted.
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Cool Verb Phrases

A verb phrase is the part of the sentence when the action that the person or thing is doeing. EX: the turtle WAS WALKING SLOWLY.
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Articals of the epic english language

The main articals of the English language are a, an, and

the. They further define nouns.

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Why is "I" a pronoun

A pronoun replaces a noun (EX: me, my ect.). So I is a pronoun because you can replace your name with I. Ex: Joshua went to the store. Insert the I =. I went to the store.
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diffrence between action and linking verb

The linking verbs are verbs that are in the middle sentence and keep a sentence flowing like and, but and yet. A action verb is a verb that describes what a noun is doing like running, jumping and walking.
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