Asta's Son: Wolf's Head: Anyone may kill him. DEAD OR ALIVE.

Created by: Kylie Kerwin

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Several crimes have been committed by a young boy.

Asta's son, in the village of Stromford, is wanted for many sins and crimes he has committed in his life. One of his biggest crimes is that he stole money from the manor house, which the steward declares he saw him run off with money in the forrest. Before his mother Asta died, he stole wine from the church to take away her pain. When Father Quinel asked him to come to the church and pray, he refused and ran from the priest. He has broken curfew. This boy needs to be found before anything else terrible happens. Ever since he lost his mother, he has been stressful and full of crime, and this shall not go on. Therefore, he has now been declared a Wolf's Head by steward John Aycliffe.

REWARD: 20 SHILLINGS! Find the boy and you will be looked up to!


Asta's Son is 13 years old. He is shaggy and dirty. His clothes are worn and he is carrying a lead cross. He is young and fast. He has no family. Here on the right is Asta's Son.

He is wanted dead or alive. If you want to live a safe life with no 13 year old boy running around committing crimes, we suggest that you be on the look out for him. 20 Shillings is worth half a year's wages. Don't you want to be rich? Do you want people to look up to you as hero?

Report and Reward

Once you find the boy, dead or alive, report him to the manor in Stromford, where steward John Aycliffe will be waiting at the gates. After that, you will receive your reward of 20 shillings graciously. We are counting on you.