Bangor SCENE - Special Edition - #8

Pep Assembly Celebrating Reading Month


Why Did We Have An Assembly 3/30/22 By: Erick Hernandez

On Wednesday March 30th, we held an assembly. March is known as Reading month as it was the month that Dr. Seuss was born. The entire month before the assembly we had a reading contest where students tried to read as many pages of books as they could during Seminar. The two people who read the most pages were able to do Mr. Marfia’s hair. While the seminar that read the most collectively could hold a pizza party and Mario Go-Kart game.

The purpose of the assembly was to encourage Literature where if the school reaches their goal of reading a certain amount of pages then there will be an assembly held.

8th graders in over & under

(pictured above) 8th graders in over & under

Event Participants At Our Assembly by: Emanuel Ventura Guzman

We had an assembly on March 30th to end the Reading month. We had a few events and people participated in those events and these are some of the people who participated.

Cesar Palacios, Jaxon Webb, Maury Moreno, Madi Marfia, and Vicente Reyes are some of the 8th graders that participated in the pep assembly.

Ismael Reyna, Genesis Castillo, Anthony Villalobos, Jaret Mccoy, and Eduardo Velasco

are some of the 7th graders that participated in the pep assembly. And 7th grade won the over and under game.

Miguel Aquino, Ximena Saucedo, Cielo Maldonado, and Samantha Ogrody are some of the 6th graders that participated in the pep assembly.

Jaxon Valentine, Nereida Sanchez, Kaiden Pearce, and Aaron Domingas are some of the 5th graders that participated in the pep assembly.

Assembly Events by: Blanca Cruz

Bangor Middle School had a Reading Assembly for Reading month.

There were some events like over/under, ping pong ball shake, relay race, tug-of-war, and nylon knockdown.

Over/under is when a contestant takes a ball and passes it over their head and the person behind them then passes it under their legs and it continues until every player has gone and the lead contestant winds up back at the front position.

Ping pong ball shake is when the contestants tie a box around their waist with ping pong balls in the tissue box and they shake their hips until all the balls come out.

Relay race is when two persons wheelbarrow down and one person crab walks up.

Tug of war is when there are two lines and a rope on each side the teams on each side pull the rope.

Nylon Knockdown is when they have a nylon on their head and a tennis ball inside the nylon and have to move their head from side to side and knock down the water bottles.


Talking About The Assembly With MaryAnn Williams by: Joseph Sandora

I interviewed Mary Anne WIlliams. The following is part of our conversation.

"What did you think of the Pep Assembly?"

"I was in the bleachers and took a picture of Mr. Mafia."

"What was your favorite part of Reading month? "

"It was pretty easy because I am a Reading nerd. "

"What was your favorite part of the assembly?"

"My favorite part was Mr.Marfia getting his haircut."

Big picture


Literacy, Poverty, and the Importance of Early Childhood Literacy by: Ismael Reyna

In some countries most students don't know how to read, and if about 171 million people knew basic reading education,they would be able to get out of extreme poverty. Here are some reasons that literacy is important.

Literacy improves health. In 2002 data showed that women who attended a literacy program were more likely to seek medical help for themselves and their children.

Literacy improves the economy and gets jobs.There are about 192 million people unemployed around the world. While those people struggle to earn money and have poor working conditions, basic literacy is essential to helping them get a job.

Literacy builds self-esteem, readers who struggle to read more likely find it difficult expressing themselves. The greater their confidence is and self-esteem they likely have an overall happier life.

Why is early childhood literacy important then? Early childhood literacy is essential for learning rich vocabulary and self expression. Children can use this skill to help them look for jobs in the future when they are adults. It also teaches young children to love books, teaches them to be passionate about reading, and hopefully become lifelong learners. Data also shows that early childhood literacy promotes graduation rates.

You're never too young to be introduced to books!

Big picture

Is It Ever Too Late To Learn To Read? by: MaryAnn Williams

Some people might wonder if it is ever too late to learn.

It is not too late to learn, but between the ages of 30 and 50 it will be harder to learn. Learning after 25 will be tougher to learn. Your brain is the sharpest at age 18 years old. But it is easier to learn a different language at a younger age.

So, for us to motivate our students at Bangor Middle School the principal let two of our top readers cut his hair to motivate more readers.


Reading Month In The News by: Genesis Castillo and Anthony Villalobos

Is there Reading month around the world? Yes, there is Reading month around the world. Reading month is not just around the world It’s also in different schools.

Dr.Seuss' birthday in March is designated as National Reading Month. The month kicks off with National Reading Across America Day on March 2.

There are different ways we celebrate Reading month like reading your favorite book, or reading a book by Dr.Seuss.

What is the purpose of Reading month? Yes, Reading month was created to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, but it is also dedicated to motivate kids to read more often. The more that you read, the more things you will know about different books. The more that you learn about books, the more places you’ll go and the more opportunities will be available to you.

Dr.Seuss was an intelligent person. He made poetry books for kids. A lot of his books got famous over time. His first book was, ``And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street." One of his most famous books we would say is "The Cat In The Hat.” Dr.Seuss wrote more than 40 books including famous titles like, “The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Dr.Seuss will always be remembered for the amazing poetry books he wrote for kids. Do you have a favorite?

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How have Famous People Promoted Literacy? By: Madison Smith

Famous people have promoted literacy or reading in many ways. For instance Henry Winkler promoted literacy by being an author and holding an event towards literature.

Some other things famous people have done to promote literacy is on social media(TV,websites,ads,etc,).

Some other ways famous people have promoted literature are public events, and giving away books. Have you ever promoted literacy before? Some reasons why you should promote literacy is it can help youth by showing them that reading is a positive thing and encourage them to want to read. Instead of them being addictive to electronic devices and being distracted by their phone.

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What Do Famous People Think About Reading? By: Anne Tuinstra

Albert Einstein is one of the most known people who thinks any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking. What do you think?

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Why Was Albert Einstein Famous For Reading?

By: Adam Eyerly

Einstein was famous for Reading because if he couldn’t read he wouldn’t have found out what Science was and then he wouldn’t be able to revolutionize Science like he did.

Everything he did, Reading was involved. In his research, Reading was involved and in his writing, Reading was involved. Reading was really important in Einstein's life. If he couldn’t read he wouldn’t have been able to learn multiple languages. I

n conclusion, Einstein wouldn’t have been able to be a famous Scientist or learn multiple languages If he couldn’t read.