Level 1 IT Computing Trip

Museum Of Computing

About the trip

On the 23rd of October 2014 we went to a computer museum where there was computers from different generations. from old to present we all had a go on them, also we had ago with a software called Scratch where you can make your own games with.

About the museum

the Museum is an independent, volunteer-run museum,They work closely with other local museums through the Wiltshire Museums Group and the Swindon Museums Group.

Donating items

How will items be used

This may include:

  • Display in the Museum
  • Gift to or exchange with another museum
  • Long-term storage for preservation
  • Loan to other museums for exhibitions
  • Sale of non-accessioned items, when proceeds will be used to further the aims of the Museum
  • Disposal according to current environmental regulations


It aims to preserve the history of computing, to be used as a valuable educational resource and as an information repository for historians, collectors and the media, and to illustrate this history in an entertaining way.