Technology Support

Most Holy Trinity Catholic School


As a Catholic School we have an important obligation to teach our students

the responsible use of technology.

After extensive discussion we present the following for your consideration.

Technology Support

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Multiple Paths for Access to Instruction

Key question : what is the proper balance between synchronous and asynchronous instruction?

We will have a variety of lesson modes to help our students. This should include video lessons, a live instruction, and paper and pencil assignments.

  • Teachers will be taught how to use the labeling function in Google classroom. This will allow them to put videos in one area written assignments in a different area to help students locate things in the classroom.
  • We will provide instruction to our students and our parents how to access Google Classroom and videos.
  • We will use the following instructional apps: Google classroom, google docs, google spreadsheets, google forms, IXL, Rozzy Learning and any other apps that will enhance instruction.

  • For students whose parents work during the day and cannot access any online instruction or materials until the evening, we will provide videos of lessons, evening office hours with their teachers, instruction by appointment and work packets.

  • We will create a virtual instructional schedule that will designate times for children to meet with their teachers.

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Device Support

Key question : How will we provide support to students and parents so virtual learning will be enhanced?

  • We will work to provide devices to families in need, either by lease or loan
  • We will instruct students, parents and teachers on devices, including scanners, and platforms
  • We will provide parents with training on how to use different devices to access platforms
  • We will develop the Google for Education Parent Portal.
  • We will create g-mails for all students to allow easier access Google Classroom.
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Safety and Security

Key question: is how will we emphasize proper and safe use of the Internet?

  • We need to review the school internet policy that we currently use here at Most Holy Trinity
  • Students will follow these procedures during live classes
    • Video on, must be on screen

    • Be seated at a place where they can work effectively

    • Be attentive and participate

    • Have all materials ready

    • Use appropriate language

    • Wear appropriate clothing

    • Be punctual

  • We will emphasize proper behavior including no bullying, or inappropriate use of the Internet

  • We will teach digital citizenship

  • We will remind students and parents that inappropriate behavior on the Internet is against school policy.. Whether it happens on campus or off campus, students who violate this policy will face consequences.

  • We will remind students that they need to reset their passwords regularly

  • We will teach our students and parents about virus protection and the importance of using reliable files

A Final Thought

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”The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God."

-Pope Francis

Thank you to our committee members:

Ms. JoLen Confer

Ms. Martha Cortez

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