All pay should be equal

Men and women should be payed equally.

Women shouldn't be payed less then men just because of our sex.

Most jobs in the world typically pay men higher then they do women. Men shouldn't get a higher paycheck just because they're male, for all the hardworking women in the world it's not fair for them.

How Women are Viewed

Women are viewed by the world in a much weaker sense then men. Usually viewed as the cooks and cleaners of a household. As decades have gone on women are now finally starting to be more viewed Ina business kind of world. Not to its full extent yet, but in time hopefully both men and women will be viewed equally and payed the same in every Job.

Some jobs men get paid more in

Not fair to any women in the world

Reasons why men are paid more

For the most part certain types of jobs are viewed as predominantly male jobs. Leaving women in a situation where they haven't really had the chance to show their skills and prove that not only men can the difficult jobs.