Quisqueyana's kite

Created by Quisqueyana Griffith

Try to build your own delta kite

If you want to build your own delta you are going to need some important materials. You are going to need some scissors, tissue paper( or light material), a  pencil( to write down your mesurements),and a ruler. P.S make sure it is shaped like an issoceles triangle.  :). instructions are stated at ehow.com and then type in how to build a delta kite

Great climates locations to fly a kite

A great time and place to fly a kite is on a hot and windy day. I usely fly my kites in the spring time when it is not raining. If you live a dry desert like area with very little wind, there is a slight chance you kite wont fly.

Here are some students creating delta kites :)

A frequently asked question

What does building kites have to do with math? My answer was that there are alot of ways like mesuring the size of the kite ( measurments)and learning different types of shapes ( Geometry). If you are building a kite for math( like me :) ) and your teacher asks you what does this have to do with math, now you know