Southern Colonies


Settling the Southern Colonies

The southern colonies are Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In 1632, The Maryland Colony was established by the Calverts. In 1663, King Charles 2nd gave a group of rich men permission for a new colony of Southern Virginia.slavery. The name of the colony is Carolina.In 1712, Carolina's leaders divided Carolina into North Carolina and South Carolina. At First,many Southern Colonies settling in the Atlantic Coastal Plains. In time other colonists settled between the Coastal Plain and Appalachian Mountains, in a place known has the Piedmont region. The Southern Colonies offered settlers a high amount of natural resources. The region has many good harbors and vast rivers. The land was fertile and The humid climate, hot summers and mild winters were good for farmming

This goes with settling Southern Colonies,cash crop

Cash crop

The Southern Colonies, consisting of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, relied on harvesting their cash crops. The main cash crop for these colonies was tobacco. The Southern Colonies sold tobacco as a cash crop for a profit. They also used cotton, indigo, and rice in other locations as a cash crop. Many farmers tried to grow cotton but found it difficult to remove the cotton seeds by hand.

The forest was already an important asset for the colonies, but the cash crops became very important. The forest and the cash crops were needed for manufacturing. The Southern Colonies depended on the New England colonies manufacturing. There for the colonies learned to depend on one another.

Plantation Economy

Plantations depended on the Slave labor of African Americans . These cash crops made plantation owners some of the wealthiest peoples in the South. A few planters started as indentured servants. These people would work without pay for a person who paid for their trip to the colonies. Others were wealthy English settlers. When the planters grew richer, the amount of property also grew. The planter's house was the main building and other buildings, including workshops where the slaves produced items used on the plantation, were also on the land.

Cities and County Seats

New England and Mid-Atlantic colonies had the most cites of the southern colonies, and the plantations were built far from each other. By the 1700's Norfolk, Baltimore and Savannah had grown into large cities known for ther busy shipping ports.

Traveling to the County Seats

Many planters belonged to the Church of England. Several times a year the plantation families would travel to the county seat to attend church services, hold dances, and trade crops for goods. The church services were important social gatherings. Some planters would buy and sell captured African Americans at the county seat.