Technology Terrors

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Newspaper Project by Cameron Laing & Isaac Solis

Advice Column

Dear Creative Cathy, I've been kidnapped by a group of hackers and are being taken to some kind of safe haven that will miraculously solve all of our problems. I've never liked any of them since they got a job at Cyber Defence office. They keep telling me that the memories are fake and that they were put there by some kind of super being. I dont know who to trust in this kind of situation and need some help. Sincerely an Agent with an Attitude.

Dear Agent with an Attitude, I know it must be hard to think in a situation like the one you're in. But I'm here to help. If you want to believe there is some kind of super being giving you your memories thats on you. But you need to make sure that you have some sort of distinct memories like a taste or smell. It's really up to you who you want trust and think is telling the truth. Sincerely, Creative Cathy.

Persuasive Movie Review

The new Brain jack movie is the #1 movie in the world! Sam Wilson, a young man who loves hacking has his eye on a brand new headset. With this new technology its a must have. But when Sam realizes that someone can easily hack into your brain he takes charge! Now he is trying to save the world with his two friends Vienna and Dodge. There is drama, danger, excitement, and problems with the police. This movie is a must see! "We are our memories." ~Dodge

Feature Article

After getting his neuro-headset Sam Wilson learns about Hacker-Con, a convention for the "best" hackers. He goes there and learns that the real convention is in the White Houses database, one of the hardest things to hack into but Sam is up to the task. He gets into the database and seems to be the only one there. He rings the doorbell and at the same time his apartment doorbell rings. His mom opens the door up to two FBI agents in black suits saying they need Sam Wilson.
Help Wanted! The CDD is in need of a young and experienced hacker to work for them. You will have to devote almost all of your time to the job. You will have to be willing to travel and be under pressure at all times. Contact 123-4567 to sign up for the job, only if you're up to it!