Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Alexander Rosales

I told you

It was a hot summer day when Freddy the Cricket decided to sing all summer long, while Peter the Ant worked hard gathering food for the winter that was coming in Redwood Forest.Soon winter came. Cricket had no home or place to go. During all of the winter, ant was living the dream. Cricket got very tired of living in the cold, and he went to Peter the Ant’s house. Ant didn't do anything but say, “I told you.” Cricket froze and stayed that way until summer came by again, and Peter the Ant went back to his normal routine.

You can do the IMPOSSIBLE

For Or Against (school week)

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I agree because we will have longer class periods. Which means more education

also because more time for PE and other fun classes. More time to work on homework on weekends. more time to finish work you did not finish over the weekend in class. Spend time together and play more games with friends over the weekends.

Northern lights

Most of auroras light accre in a band known as the auroral zone. They can be 1000 km (620) miles up in the sky. they have been seen to occur more in the months of September to October and from April to March. People have also observed them on the planets Jupiter,Saturn, Neptune and also on Mars. The color of the lights depend on the gas particles bumping around .The Aurora Borealis were named after a Roman goddess named a Aurora and Boreas (northern wind). Some people still think that the lights are spirits dancing in the sky. Auroras can affect Earth’s communication including radios, televisions and satellites. Airplanes are not affected as they fly well below the lights. No two northern lights are the same, because they all are different sizes and different colors. The way that the Northern Lights are made is by electrons and protons combining and making hydrogen atoms. When there mixed with oxygen and nitrogen, atoms get trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field . That’s how you get the northern lights. The lights can only be the color green, red, yellow, pink, violet and blue.##


Movie Title: ____Iron man
____Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie. ___
Robert Downely Jr. _Tony Stark Gwyuneth Palthrow-Pepper Potts
Terrence Howord_ Rhodey Jeff Bridges_Obadiah Stane

__Summary of the Movie in your own words: ___First tony is a smart person how makes weapons .But he gets kid knap by some bad people.He is forced to make weapon for them for his freedom. But he secretly makes a suit to help him escape .And when he gets home his boss wants his suit for himself ,and so he try to make a bigger and more stronger than Tony’s. So they fights and later his boss fall in electicty
__Where did the movie take place? (Setting) _____California ___________
When did the movie take place? (What year?)___2008_________________________________________________________________________________/Moral/Message of the movie: ___You have to use your gifts for good and not for your self and for money._____

Intended Audience (Circle One): G PG PG-13

Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?): __I liked it because it has action and says no bad words
First, Tony is a smart person who makes weapons, but he gets kidnapped by some bad people. He is forced to make weapons for them for his freedom. He secretly makes a suit to help him escape, and when he gets home, his boss wants his suit for himself. Tony’s boss tries to make a bigger and more stronger suit than Tony’s. They fight and later his boss falls in electricity.

favorite subject

math 24 %

science 8 %

PE 54 %

stem 24 %

My favorite app

My most favorite app is Pandora. It's an app that is a radio. It has all types of music like rock, classical,romantic. and if you like the music you're listening to, you can go to the thumbs up button and it gives you similar music you like. You can listen to your favorite music.