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Lewis Elementary Parent Newsletter September 2016

Welcome to a New School Year!

Welcome to Lewis Elementary to all returning and new families. We are here to serve your students and want to build a positive relationship with parents, so please communicate with your child's teacher as often as you can.

A couple of reminders that help our arrival and dismissal times go smoothly:


  • School begins at 8:43. Please make sure your child is in class by this time so they don't miss out on any announcements or activities.
  • Preschool parents will need to walk their children to the classroom door each morning. It is a rule of the program. K-5 students walk themselves to class, with staff members ready to assist at any time.
  • If you need to speak with a teacher before school starts, stop by the office and we will call the teacher.


  • If your child needs to go home in a different manner than their usual routine, please call the office by 3:15 (2:15 on Wednesdays). We intercom each classroom with the announcements before the teachers begin walking students outside. After 3:35 it is very difficult to hear with all the noise of busses, cars, and people talking.
  • If your car is along the school side of the curb out front, please stay in your car and let us load your child as you move up in front of the big telephone pole and crosswalk. This helps the car rider line move quickly and everyone can be on their way as soon as possible.
  • Thank you for your patience and friendly help out in front. With little to no parking space on a city street, we have to be patient and careful to make sure the students load in cars and walk home safely.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Snack Program

This year our school received a grant to provide a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to students a few times each week. We are starting with Tuesdays and Thursdays so far. If funding allows we will increase to three days a week. Our hope is for all children to have a healthy snack to help them stay focused for learning throughout the day at least a couple of days a week. Students are offered but not forced to eat the snack, but we find that most are hungry and welcome the food offered. All allergy precautions are followed for individual students. We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity to our students.

Upcoming Events

September 2 - Lewis Picture Day

September 5 - No School, Labor Day

September 12 - PALS Meeting 4:00pm

September 16 - Lewis Night at Tigers Football Game 6:30pm

September 21 - Mid Quarter Reports go home

October 7-18 Cookie Dough Fundraiser

October 14 - Homecoming

October 25 - 1st Quarter Report Cards go home

November 3 and 4 - Parent Teacher Conferences

Attendance Extremely Important to School Success

Being at school nearly every day helps to ensure your child gets the most benefit from instruction and practice. PLEASE make sure your child is on time and does not miss school unless it is absolutely necessary. Our Lewis staff CARE team meets weekly to monitor student attendance and takes action to help students maintain a present rate that will help them have a successful year.

Meet School Resource Officer Renne

Officer Renne is our part-time school resource officer here at Lewis. His mission is to help all students have a positive experience each and every day at school. He is getting to know the children by spending time at recess and at lunch just chatting and learning their names and their interests. He hopes to help each child learn that law enforcement officials are community helpers. He helps maintain a safe environment in and around our school neighborhood.

Lewis Night at Tiger Football

Plan to attend the Tiger football game at ESHS on September 16 as we have Lewis Night at the stadium. All Lewis students will join the cheerleaders for the player tunnel, cheering on the players as they are announced onto the field. 2 5th grade students will be honorary co-captains and get to go onto the field for the coin toss. PALS will have a booth open with spirit wear and game swag for sale. Snacks are reasonable at the concession stand, and each student will bring home a free ticket to enter the stadium. It's fun to sit together and enjoy time cheering on our boys in black! Let's Go Tigers!

Looking for Donations...

I am working on a special project later this fall for the students and need some STUFF!

  1. cardboard tubes, any size
  2. styrofoam meat trays - any color, any size - make sure they are CLEAN
  3. corks, spools, yarn, string, wire

I would very much appreciate donations of these items! Just drop them off at the office when you have some to donate. Just say it's for Mrs. Rice and anyone in the office will know where to take it. Thank you very much!

PALS Meeting Sept. 12 at 4:00pm

Please join our PALS meeting at 4:00pm on September 12 in the cafeteria.

Agenda items will include:

  1. Final plans for Lewis Night at Tiger Football
  2. Homecoming
  3. Title I Reading presentation

Meet the Kindergarten Team

Our kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Mika, Mrs. Sams, Mrs. From, and Mrs. Verdi. They have a combined 24 years of teaching experience. Mrs. From is new to our building this year, and Mrs. Sams has just returned to teaching kindergarten after a few years teaching preschool. They had already spent several hours together before school even began, getting to know one another and planning for an exciting year of curriculum for the kindergarteners. They love the little ones and we are so thankful for their energy and patience. They know just how to reach our youngest learners to get them started off right!
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Free Programs for Kids at MCPL

September 10, 2016, Saturday at 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Secrets of the Martial Arts

Learn karate from a black belt master. Sensei Ray Stapleton of Tiger-Dragon Karate Club shares a brief history of martial arts and demonstrates self-defense techniques suitable for anyone ages 4 to 100.

(Ages 4 and up) Registration is required.

September 17, 2016, Saturday at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Kids Lab: Bottle Biology

Make your own terraqua - a terrestrial and aquatic habitat in a bottle - and discover a wonderful way to recycle, reuse, and grow things.

(Ages 10 and up) Registration is required