Back from the Dead

Cloning could bring back the Extinct

Just Embryo for Now

Few animals come close to the oddities of the gastric brooding frog-- an Australian species that literally vomits out its children. Discovered in 1973, it disappeared 6 years later in 1979. What caused its extinction?


But now, thanks to cloning, we could right our many previous wrongs.

Before it's extinction, a scientist had frozen a few specimens. Taking the DNA from the creatures, scientists created living gastric brooding frog embryo. Although they never lived outside the womb, they did have the DNA coding of the gastric brooding frog.

Scientists say it could be less than 3 years until they create a living, breathing clone.

How Many Others?

Scientists haven't just tried to revive the gastric brooding frog-- no, there have been many other attempts at many other creatures. A few are the following; the passenger pigeon, the European auroch, the Pyrenean ibex, the dodo, the Carolina parakeet, the Stellar's sea cow, and the Tasmanian wolf.

Which are you most excited to see revived?

Some Species you could see in the next Couple years

How Cloning is Done