Science Fair Newsletter

Science Fair Goals

Science fair season is now upon us and now the work begins. Your first and primary goal for the season is to find a topic that interests you and research it. Science fair projects need to be hypothesis driven. This means you need to be able to formulate a hypothesis and prepare an experiment to test it. If you need help with this let me know. If you have changed your mind about science fair, also, please let me know. Below I have listed a few websites that have some great resources for all of you. In addition, remember that State Science Fair is required and is April 5 and 6 in Ames, IA. Make sure you have this marked off on the calendar. Remember that science fairs are great for resumes and college applications as well as for earning money for school.

State Science and Technology Fair

Eastern Iowa Science Fair

Great Resource for Beginners

Remember Your Time Table!!

Here is yet another great resource for you beginning to weed through science fair ideas. In this booklet are guides to help you with managing your time. Remember, you want to leave yourself enough time to do the experiment a couple times and also analyze the results. You should aim at having all of this done by the beginning of March.

Research Credit

If you are interested in receiving credit for your research, please see me ASAP. I need to get a list of people interested to the guidance counselors.

Need to Get Ahold of Me?

If you have any questions or want to run ideas past me, feel free to get ahold of me!