Good Cents for Earth

Growing our Economy From the Soil up

About Us

Good Cents for Earth is a conservative interest group focusing on the dispute between debilitating environmental regulations and the essential growth of our economy. We promote the achievable harmony between the environment and big businesses, and inform about the importance of the growth of our civilization. As a group, shown is the amazing gifts from nature for our civilization to use to grow the economy from the soil up.

On the Issues

Businesses and the Environment are not at Odds

In this fast paced modern era, the growth of our economy is more essential than ever. The pinnacle of this growth is the businesses, and to restrain these businesses is to restrain the American people in their freedom to prosper and to grow. All have inherent reverence for nature, resulting in a trust that we should grant to businesses for self regulation, instead of restrictions forcefully imposed by the government. As the natural world is constantly changing to accommodate the growth of our civilization, the organic ebb and flow of a healthy environment including its climate should be encouraged.
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Trickle Down Economics

When economic policies favor big businesses, all will gain, from the entrepreneur businessman to the blue collar worker. The current excessive amounts of environmental regulation hurt businesses, therefore hurting the american economy in the long term. Growth is the one aspect that must be facilitated no matter the cost. The indisputably correct thing for the government to do from a purely economic standpoint is to have partiality towards big businesses, whether in the form of grants or lifting regulations. This is called trickle down economics, a theory created by economists in which the economy as a whole succeeds when the big business at the very top are granted the stimulus in forms of favor from the government.
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Excessive Environmental Regulation

As citizens of the planet, the environment is something that we all cherish, meaning that minimal regulations on carbon emissions are acknowledged as quite essential. Also essential, though, is the growth and development of our civilization, which is impeded by excessive rules. To disallow corporations to take advantage of precious and scarce natural resources like oil is a counterproductive, ludicrous order to impose, as exemplified by the refusal for clearance to drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Politicians should keep in mind more the possibilities of economic growth and forgo environmental regulations that have the great potential to hurt businesses.
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