By Zoheb Abdur Rahman

Saturn's distance from the sun.

Saturn is 1.4 billion km away from the sun, believe it or not. That is a long distance.

Saturn's climate

Saturn's surface temperature is -178 degrees celsius. -125 degrees celsius is the temperature for both day and night. It is extremely cold on Saturn. Saturn has 4 seasons like Earth. Each season on Saturn lasts 7 years.

Life forms on Saturn

The most accurate assumption about life on Saturn is that there is no life. One reason for this assumption is that Saturn is too cold. Another reason is that Saturn is primarily hydrogen and hydrogen is too far reactive for life. The third reason is that Saturn has very fast winds that go at 1800 km per hour. These winds create extremely violent conditions that would be utterly destructive to forms of life.
This a chart of Saturn's wind

Landings on Saturn

No body has ever landed on Saturn. Did you know that Saturn was actually discovered by Greeks and Romans 1000's of years ago?

Physical characteristics of Saturn

Saturn's exterior is actually completely composed of gas. It also has massive rings. The rings are split into many parts. The rings have three main rings. The outer ring is called ring A, the middle ring is called ring B and the inner ring is called ring C. These rings are made of ice and rock. There is a gap between ring A and ring B. It is called the Cassini's division.

More facts on Saturn

One fact is that it is the sixth planet in the solar system. It is actually the second biggest planet in the solar system. Saturn has 62 moons. Only 53 have been named. A few moons are Titan ,Mimas ,Enceladus ,Dione , and Rhea. It takes Saturn 29.45 Earth years to orbit the Sun. 1 day on Saturn is 10.66 Earth hours. The diameter of Saturn is 120,540 km. Saturn is tilted on a 27 degree angle while Earth is tilted at 23.5 degrees


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