Newsletter Week 5 Term 1

Meeanee School 2nd March, 2022


Thanks for the positive feedback on the new newsletter format. The ideal outcome would be that we get to as close to zero paper copies as possible as it is costing us a great deal to photocopy these each week.

We are beginning to see more people in our community having to isolate at home and now that we have moved into Phase 3 there is more reliance being put on families to self-manage. If you do need us to help out in anyway please let us know. If your family does need to isolate we will deliver a home learning pack for your child.

Over the course of the term I'm sure we are going to see staff absence as well so I appreciate your understanding that we are all trying to do the best for our students at Meeanee School. We are very lucky to have some amazing relievers at our disposal to help out.

Yesterday afternoon, the teachers had a staff meeting based on Physical Education. Sally McKenzie from Sport Hawkes Bay took us through our paces with some cool activities we can use with our classes. Let's just say some of us are very competitive.

Moananui was also out and about yesterday on a trip to the Faraday Centre. They had an amazing time! Check out the photo's later on.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,



This weeks PB4L focus is:

  • We speak appropriately to others. Teacher to student and vice versa.

Please reiterate this message at home with your children.

Speaking appropriately to others.

As you can see it doesn't matter what age level of student it is or the staff member at school we all need to speak appropriately.

An old adage use to be, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

Assembly Winners - Friday 25th February

Faraday Centre Visit - Moananui

Upcoming Events

  • Last Day Term 1 - 13 - April 2022
  • Teacher Only Day - 14 - April 2022