Battle Of The Ages!! Blake Selby

Survival of the fitest!!!

Natural selection- is the process of a certain species evolving over a period of time to suit its enviroment. these changes help the species to adapt and become stronger within the enviroments!

Is it a constant occourance??

Natural selection occours everyday. We all think of apes evolving to humans over a course of thousands of years, which was a major evolutionary milestone. But in reality evolution happens evryday weather it being significant or small and insignificant.

How we got my little pony!!!!

Why They Evolved?

The common horse.

Horses are the adaption of the earlier kinds. These days we have different kinds of horses. We have our normal stockhorse and thurabred, our shetlon ponies which are a decendent of the earlier species. these horses are a smaller breed with shorter legs for more rugged country and slow speeds rather than our other horses which have long legs for open country and running at high speeds. Draft horses were bred for work. They have large hooves, big strong bones and a long body structure.