Finish strong.

Message from your LCP

Hello Udaan,

I know all of us have moved ahead in life and have started focusing on things that will be important to us in the year 2015 and I think I am happiest to see that happen. Remember the team day where I said that we have to hit it big in life to build the brand of AIESEC Kolkata. Anyway, while I am on the same track as all of you (figuring out what to do in future), there is this slight irritation in my head about the number 440. Honestly, I'd be lying to you and me if I said "440 is still possible guys". But, I hate this feeling. The point being I see the entire year going to the dogs because of the last 60 days and sadly, I will not have it! I will not let all your year long efforts go to waste even if you guys are stupid enough to allow it! With this, I call you guys to order. LAST 21 DAYS of your term.

For the right feels :)

Imagine Dragons - Warriors (Lyric Video)


The next 21 days are super duper important. Not only because they are going to finalize on how Udaan will be remembered as but also because it will determine the perfect beginning that we hope to give to 2015. For the same, please go through the following timelines carefully:

1. 12th- 17th December : EB Applications. Your EB applicants will be busy with the procedure. This is the best time for you to focus on the pipeline for the Q1 MB. This is also a very important time in terms of performance. Hence, you guys will have to be on top of your games in getting results out of your average performers.

2. 18th December : SUCCESSORS! Yayy! Keep yourself free for the transition treat and to see your babies.

3. 19th- 21st December : First round of transitions. This will include providing your successors with theoretical resources and also initiating basic operational transitions. Transitions package should be there in your inbox before this.

4. 24th December : Surprise get-together. Keep yourselves free. I have a surprise planned for you guys :)

5. 28th December : LAST GBM! We will start working on the agenda with the new EB as well.

5. Sometime in the first week of February : Final Goodbye.


With EXPA sitting on my head and the numerous bugs flying around my head, I do not want this transition phase to ruin our year long performance. On that note, I introduce you to the savior of our next 21 days - trackers and facebook! Given below is the link to the tracker that I want all of you to fill. It has 3 different sheets. One sheet for all your available forms ( we will try and get offline matching sorted through this data), one for all your matched forms( to calculate the projections we have and the realizations we might have) and one for all your realizations (because there is no system to check the stats from). The sheet is simple and self explanatory and will not take more than 20 minutes to fill.


Deadline: 11th December, 2014

Forseeing the future - Part 2

I have been having conversations with most of you on and off about what your future plans and I am more and less satisfied with the way our team is going to go ahead in life (except me -_-) But, I am more than available to discuss with you guys more and more about what we can do. Obviously I am not the best person to take career advice from because I do not have a career yet but I don't mind discussing stuff so that we can all figure out what is best for all of us in the near future.

Here is the doodle link for meetings. Honestly, I would prefer you guys just calling me and fixing the time (feeling outgoing) but doodle is more organized so please stick to it.


Looking forward to talk to all of you man. Hopefully we will sort each other out :D

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I think we established that day's GBM only that we suck in terms of knowledge of books. Let's try and change that in the team. Okay? Let's start buying, reading, sharing books and then discussing our learning from them. With this I invite you to be a part of the



Be a part of Udaan.

Know English better than Amit

Love for knowledge



You can thank and kiss me later :D :*

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Two last thoughts that I want to leave you with. A team is the way it is because you perceive it to be like that. Its your choice. Either you can see the glass full or see the glass empty.

I love you guys. Let's kill it in the last 21 days.

Possibilities are endless. And we are a team that will go to the horizon and beyond :)