Goliath Grouper

By Carter Reed


1-My organism is the Goliath grouper. I chose this animal is because it is one of the biggest game fish that can be caught with a rod and reel because of its sheer size.

2-The Goliath grouper is a vertebrate species, which means an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column.

3- the scientific name of the Goliath grouper is Epinephelus Itajara. This name means that it is a widespread, slow growing, and aggregation species that have undergone significant population reduction over the past three generations.

4-Two of the Goliath’s closest relative is the Areolate grouper and the Black Tip grouper.

5- The Goliath grouper lives in areas with rocks, coral, and mud bottoms. Strikingly some of the juvenile goliaths will move up into the mangroves near the brackish type water for their beginning years.

6- The Goliath grouper doesn’t have a huge job, what it mostly does is reproduce and stay territorial to its surrounding area to grow bigger and bigger.

7- One of the unique adaptions this fish has made is that while it swims around coral reefs it keeps its mouth a little bit open to warn off any predators. Another unique adaptation is that the grouper will make a low grumbling noise using their swim bladder.

8- Goliath grouper are a big game fish that fisherman like to catch for sport. They have now set a law that you have to have a permit to kill the Goliath grouper to eat, so most fisherman catch and release. A second human use for goliath grouper is for food. The fish is supposed to be very tasty grilled or fried whichever way you prefer.

9- The Goliath grouper is threatened. Coral reefs, where many groupers live are rapidly dying. Some companies are building man made reefs to help the grouper population.

10- The Goliath grouper is long and stocky, measuring half as wide as it is long. Most of the goliath grouper are solitary but if they are not they swim in groups up to 50. During the spawnig time goliaths can be in groups up to 100 individuals. Once a grouper is fully-grown its only predator is a human. The Goliath grouper undergo a sex change part way through their life starting as a female and becoming a male. The Goliath grouper is know as the large mouth bass of the sea.

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I took this picture on photo booth during this photo my friend Greg was just hangin eaten some fish
Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite
I found this video on youtube it was taken about two months ago just off the coast of Miami. This goliath is attacking a shark that has just been caught by some fisherman.


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1- how many pounds do you think the biggest Goliath was that was caught by a rod and reel?

2- what do you think the goliaths number one predator is when it's is fully grown besides humans?

3-how do you think most grouper die?