Formative Assessments

Quick and easy tools to assess student learning

Janell Teichmer

Sacajawea Junior High

7th grade Language Arts

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The CCSS encourage the use of technology to deepen learning and engage students in collaboration.

"When teachers do formative assessment correctly, students learn at roughly double the rate than they do without it."

-Dylan William

Essential Questions

How can I use formative assessments purposefully in my classroom?
How can I use technology for formative assessments?

Learning Target

I can create purposeful formative assessments incorporating technology.

As you read the blog, write down new insights, AHAs, or wonderings on your note catcher.

Padlet is an online bulletin board. You can easily upload and share information.

Upload your response to Padlet by clicking on the button below. Double click anywhere on the Padlet screen to type in your response.

As you watch the video, keep in mind the following questions: How is this an example of formative assessment and learning? How can this strategy be used in your content?

Write down your notes, wonderings, and how you can use this strategy in your content area.

In Kahoot, you can create quizzes or use ones already created by others.

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Quizziz versus Kahoot: write down your thoughts on the notecatcher.

As you view the Plickers video, think about when you could use this format in your content area versus the colored cards.

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Work Time!

Create your new accounts for any of the sites and start creating quizzes or creating Padlets.

Exit Ticket

Upload to Padlet what new understandings you have about formative assessments or what you are going to try to use in your classroom.