Going Google

Volume 2 - Issue 12

Google Calendar - Add Links

There is an easy way to add links to Google calendar event descriptions: (works great for teachers who embed calendars in their Google Site.)

Open your Google Calendar

Create an Event and give it a title

Make sure you choose the calendar that you imbedded in your Google Site

In the Description box, type in any directions and use the following for your link:

<a href="http://moodle.roundrockisd.org/">LinkTitleHere</a>

paste your link inside the quotes (this one is our Moodle link)

Type a title for your link after the >

Open your Google Site calendar, click on the entry, and click on the link in Description.

Remotely Logging Out of Your Email

Did you forget to logout of your Google account? Log out remotely!

  1. From any device, including your mobile phone, log in to your GMail
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. On the bottom right, you will find a 'Details' link.
  3. Click on the 'Details' link to access your account activity. A window will pop up with a table listing all activity.
  4. To log out of any sessions you may have left open, click the button 'Sign out all other sessions'.

Digital Notecards

Need to create notecards for a research paper? Digital notecards are easy to create with Google Presentation. Use the Research tool in Google Presentation (Tools / Research) to investigate your topic. You have the option to filter your results just as you would in a Google search bar. In addition, you can select the preferred citation format.

Web pages of information may be previewed while working. Since these are notes, parts of the webpage may be copied and pasted into the note slide. The link to that source may be copied to the slide as well. For quotes, it may be helpful to go ahead and add the citation.

For copyright free images, make sure to select “Free to use, share or modify” filter. The link of the image automatically comes with the image selected.