The Colt Connection

Centerton Gamble's Monthly Newsletter for September 2019

The Principal's Page

Welcome to the Centerton Gamble Elementary Family!

It's truly an honor to open our doors to the many friends and families of the Centerton Gamble community as we embark on this journey together. This marks the 14th school year CGE has been open and the first for me as your principal. Before joining the Colt family, I served as assistant principal at Bentonville West High School for three years and six years in the Gravette School District.

Centerton Gamble Elementary is home to some 650 students serving Kindergarten through Fourth Grades. Every day is a fresh slate for a student to make his or her mark academically, socially and emotionally. Our staff is at the top of its game, always seeking new opportunities for the latest professional development and classroom strategies.

The students of Centerton Gamble Elementary take pride in being COLTS. Each letter of our mascot represents a core value in our halls: Creating a safe environment, Owning our actions, Leading by example, Treating others with respect and Supporting others.

We hope you find Centerton Gamble Elementary to be a second home for your child! I look forward to meeting you and serving as your child’s principal this year.

Yours in Education,

Randall Hunt

Important Reminders

To ensure the safety and academic success of students, please be reminded:

1. Instruction begins promptly at 7:30; students should be seated in their classrooms at 7:30 ready to begin the school day.

2. So staff can be in the classroom ready to teach at 7:30, the car rider line closes at 7:25. For student safety, parents must park and escort their child into the building to sign in as tardy. Cones will be placed promptly at 7:25 each morning.

3. If you find it difficult to get through the car rider line by 7:25, please call our office. We can help get you set up on bus transportation.

Visitors: All visitors must check-in through our office with valid state-issued photo identification. Please see a building administrator if you do not have state-issued photo identification. Parents are invited to eat lunch with their child in the school cafeteria once weekly. It is permissible to purchase an adult school lunch or bring in outside food.

Lunch Visitors: Please note that visitors are not allowed to accompany students to physical activity (recess) or to escort their child back to the classroom after lunch. Students may not ask other classmates to join them when they have a lunch visitor due to security and health safety concerns.

Appointments with teachers must be scheduled in advance. Please contact your child's teacher directly to schedule appointments; the teacher will let the office know you are expected.

Changes in transportation: Please do not depend on an email to your child's teacher to change transportation for the day. We ask that you call the school office prior to 2:00, send a hand-written note with your child, or email

Absences: Please email OR call the front office at 479.696.3400 anytime your child will be absent.

Policies: The attendance and other important policies can be located in the Bentonville Schools Elementary Student Handbook. Please note that CGES will strictly adhere to all policies set out in this handbook:

Bentonville District Social Media Policies

We are excited and appreciative when community members want to be actively involved education! The Bentonville School District has adopted policies to protect the privacy of students, their families, and our staff.

  • Parents and/or guardians may not create a classroom social media account on behalf of a BSD teacher as a mode of communication for classroom events.

To protect the privacy and ensure the security of students, teachers are unable to share contact information, including parent emails and/or phone numbers. Teachers are also unable to distribute personal communications (including party invitations) on behalf of parents.

Please contact Randall Hunt or Kim Foerster if you have questions regarding these policies.

The Counselors' Connection with Mrs. Lonetree and Ms. Eichler

Hi everyone, we are so excited to see the new and old faces this year! There is such a positive energy in our school right now as we "shine brigh" and do whatever it takes to support students and families at Centerton Gamble. For those of you who do not know us, we would like to introduce ourselves. Cammie Lonetree is our full-time counselor and Michelle Eichler is our part-time counselor (who some may know from Elm Tree).

Each month we will be highlighting character traits which will be incorporated in classroom guidance lessons, morning announcements and our awesome Colt Stampede showcases. In the Counselor Connection, we will be linking resources available for families. These may include information for community events, ways to support your child's well-being, and/or reinforce classroom guidance lessons.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

News from our Nurse ~ Tammy Hellman, R.N.

Welcome back, Colts!

I hope you all had a fun & safe summer! I sure enjoyed spending time with my husband & my three children. Now, I am excited to be here at school with all of you!

I encourage parents to share any allergies or medical issues with your teacher &/or me. Please feel free to stop in the health office, email me or call anytime. My email is & my phone number is 479-696-3372.

Please help me to remind our students to use good hand washing; it is so important to keep everyone healthy!

Here's to a healthy, happy & safe school year!

We need your help....

We would like to request that all parents complete a Free/Reduced Lunch Form. Not surprisingly, many parents are unaware that federal funding for schools is often attached to the completion of these forms.

Even if a family does not qualify for or would not access funding, completion of the form is requested. Please know that this information is held in the strictest of confidence! Forms are linked below in Parent Resources. If you would like a hard copy of the form, please email Mrs. Foerster at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Foerster for more information!