POHW Before & After Poster

By: Katherine Toro

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

page# 136 "I'd messed up the whole family. Before it was light i packed my things."

2)Hollis's change in foster families

In the beginning Hollis was left stranded in Queens, NY by her mother and father. She then went to the Regan's. She soon found out that she could not stay so she ran away. She went to the Stucco woman and really did not enjoy it there. Then she went to a girl, Josie was her name she was very nice and great at Art. She soon was adopted by the Regan's. Page #: 165 Direct Quote: I have a new last name now. Its Regan. I love the sound of it.

3) Changes between setting's

She got left by her parents on the streets of Queen city NY. Then she went to a foster home and got fostered by the Regan's. She ran away and got stuck with the stucco woman. She didn't like it there so she went to Josie. Josie had dementia. Hollis soon found the Regan's again and they adopted her as there own. Page # 48 "It's where they found you as a baby an hour old"

4) Change Between The Regans Baby

In the beginning Izzy had a child, the baby died the day it was born. In the end, when they found Hollis the second time Izzy had, had another child. Her name was Christina. page# 166 "i'm holding my sister Christina,six weeks old in my arms."

5) Changes between the old man and Steven

When Hollis stayed a little longer she noticed that Steven and The Old Man fought sometimes but not a lot. When she stayed a little while longer, she noticed that they fought more. One reason she left the Regan's was because she thought that is her fault that they where arguing. Then at the end, when Hollis returned they didn't fight as much as they use to. page# 69 "Down bellow i could ear The Old Man bellow at Steven. "Do they always fight?"

6) Changes Between The Mustard Lady and Hollis

In the beginning they didn't really like each other and they didn't get along very well. In the end they didn't argue as much and learned to like each other. page# 166 " I even smiled back at her once in a while."

7) Changes between Hollis and Izzy

In the beginning Hollis was not sure if she wanted to stay with Izzy. They where uncomfortable with each other. At the end they loved each other like family and where very comfortable with each other. Page#166 " And Izzy always puts her arms around me. "You brought us luck" she always says."