Animal farm

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Novel Genres


Characters and events stand for something else

Animal Fable

A short tale to teach a moral lesson


A work that uses humor to criticize a weakness or defect

Chapter summary

Chapter 1

1) That Mr. Jones just abandons the animals and doesn't feed them

2) the Beast of England song becomes their anthem

3) They run the humans off

4) They have more freedom now that the humans aren't there anymore

Chapter 2

1) Major Dies

2) They began to prepare for the rebellion

3) They drive the humans from the farm

4) They created The Seven Commandments

Chapter 3

1)they change the commandments to 4 legs good, 2 legs bad

2) they create their flag

3) The animals have to do everything on the farm

4) they get there motto " i will work harder"

Chapter 4

1) they have the battle of cowshed

2) The farmers feel bad for not caring about the animals

3) they began singing Beast of England

4) Mr. Frederick of Pinchfield attempt to take over the farm

Chapter 5

1) Napoleon and Snowball argue about the windmill

2) Napoleon says that they need to focus on how they are going to get food

3) Napoleon's dogs chase Snowball from the farm

4) Napoleon tells everyone that SNowball was a criminal

Chapter 6

1) Animals worked really hard to finish the windmill

2) Napoleon says that they will be trading with other farms

3) That means that napoleon's has broken one of the commandments

4) the pigs begin to sleep in the house which break another commandment "no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets

Chapter 7

1) Animals began to say that snowball was sneaking into the barn at night

2) Napoleon tells the animals to confess who has been going to the farm with Snowballs

3) if they did not confess they would get ripped apart by his nine dogs

4) when the animals heard that they started to sing the beast of england song

5) Napoleon then banned the Beast of England song

Chapter 8

1) the animals then check the commandments and it says" no animals shall kill any other animals without cause "

2) Napoleon begins to bargain with Mr.Pilkington but the animals don't like him

3) Napoleon does not bargain with him he bargains with Mr. Fredrick

4) Mr. Pilkington is now that enemy

5) After the windmill was destroyed and the animals won the battle they went into the basement and started to drink which was in violation of one of the 7 commandments

6) They next day they said that Napoleon was near death

Chapter 9

1)Boxer has worked extremely hard suddenly takes ill

2) they have to go into town for a hospital

3) When the van pulls up the van belonged to a slaughter house

4) But then Squealer then said that the vet bought the van

Chapter 10

1) Napoleon come back from the house with two legs

2) the commandments were changed to 2 legs good four legs bad

3) they look back at the commandment and they have all been erased the only one that was left up there was " all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

4) after all of that the pigs started to wear cloths and when they were having a meeting some of the animals looked in the window and couldn't tell the difference between a man and an animal

Character Symbolize


Snowball-(pig) Leon Trotsky( is a progressive politician and aims to improve Animal Farm with a windmill and other technological advances)

Napoleon- (boar)Joseph Stalin

Old Major-(pig)Karl Marx

Mollie-(vane white mare) members of the working class

Benjamin-(donkey) Pete Postlethwaite

Boxer-(cart-horses) different social class

Clover-(cart-horse) capitalist who did business with the Soviet state

Moses- The raven Moses symbolizes the Russian Orthodox Church

Squealer-(pig)Russian media

Muriel-(white goat) revelatory influence

Mr. Jones-(owner of the farm)Tsar Nicholas II

Mr. Frederick- (neighbor)the capitalist governments of England and the United States

Mr. Pilkington-capitalist governments of England and the United States

Mr. Whymper-(neighbor) business with the Soviet state

Sheep- blind loyalty

Dogs- Napoleon loyal attack dogs

Ducklings- working class

Some of the characters

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Old Major

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Songs- Beast of England

Rituals- there meetings that they had


Language and Meaning

Orwell explains the use of language and the subversion of the meaning of words by showing how the powerful words for their own benefit.

Human Rights

Orwell comments on those who corrupt the idea of human rights by showing how the animals deal with the issue of equality

Class Conflict

Orwell saw the firsthand how being a member of a lower class singled him out for abuse at St. Cyprian's a school which attracted most of its students from the British upper class.

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