Lisa "Lysa" Martinelli

Branchburg Board Of Education

Why am I running for the Board of Education...

I have been asked why I am running for the Board of Education and the answer is very simple – why not! I have such a strong desire to serve the community as a Board of Education member and the time is now right for me to serve.

There are many reasons for me to want to become a member of the Board of Education including:

  • to ensure that the curriculum teaches to the full education of the students
  • to be part of the decision making process to ensure decisions are made with the best interests of all Branchburg students in mind
  • to ensure that programs are geared to preparing students for success during their entire academic career
  • to increase involvement of residents in educational committees/activities
  • to develop a program where residents can be more involved in the decisions that are made by the Somerville Board of Education that impact the High School students from Branchburg

I like many other residents want our students to receive a top quality and well-rounded education while being mindful of the cost of education and the impact to taxpayers.


I look forward to hearing from you - contact me at: