Region 14 Counselors' Consortium

60X30TX Challenge

Get on Board!

We announced the Region 14 60X30TX Challenge Kickoff at our last meeting. This challenge is an effort to meet the goal of 60% of Texans age 25-34 will have a certificate or degree by 2030! Our Educonomy depends on our response to the changing population of Texas.

This initiative is challenging each region to increase the number of ApplyTexas Applications and FAFSA Applications by 4%. The Region with the greatest increase will receive a monetary award! The Region 14 counselor(s) with the greatest percentage will also win!

Challenge Details:

  • For the purpose of the 60X30 Texas ESC Challenge, completion is based on the student filling out and submitting the ApplyTX application. However, it is expected that the student submit the required documents to the institutions where they applied in order to complete their application process.
  • The challenge will not include dual credit numbers. This is because the goal is to reach students who have not already committed, have not been reached or intended to go on to higher education.
  • Private and out of state applications are not included. Tracking for the challenge is being done via ApplyTexas, so only applications completed via that system are applicable to this data.

I have attached a spreadsheet of current numbers for districts/campuses in Region 14.

  • Take a look at your current numbers.
  • Take a look at who has started or completed an application in ApplyTexas and FAFSA.
  • Take a look at your students that are performing well in their class. Are any of these students not completing applications? If not, make plans to et with them to get them on track.
  • Are there any EcoDis students that should be filling out applications and maybe do not have the support to do so. Find them and get them on track!

I know Region 14 Counselors will help all students reach higher ed goals! Please be sure you communicate with all administrators and teachers to help you reach all students.