Prezi vs Powerpoint

Kevin Han

Different things NO.1

Prezi is a way to presentation online. If you didn't get internet connect you can't work on Prezi.

Powerpoint whenever you want work on it, you can use powerpoint to do it.

Similar things NO.1

I think the most similar things between Prezi and Powerpoint is, they are all good devices introduce things to people.

Different Things NO.2

The second different part between PPT and Prezi is the PPT can't do rotation appear, Prezi can do rotation or small big appear.

Similar things NO.2

They all go pages one by one, it is a good way to show people.

Different things NO.3

PPT is much more easy to work on, you can do it pretty quick but Prezi you need to take a lot of times to work on it.

Similar things NO. 3

Another similar thing is PPT and Prezi all can use on every electron devices, like in your phone or ipad.

Different things NO. 4

For Prezi you should create an account and if you forget your account it will get a problem. And when you are using the public computer and you forget to logout all the people will see what you were doing on your project. But for PPT you just need to do it, save it and send it or delete it.

Similar Things NO. 4

Both have individual slides and features.

Different things NO. 5

PPT is possibility of compatibility issues but Prezi is vulnerable to network problems.

Similar Things NO. 5

This one for Prezi and PPT is they can change the paper wall as you like. You can make one paper wall about your project or let the people guess what project are you doing with your paper wall.

Different Thingd NO. 6

Prezi is a 3D presentation but PPT just can do the straight appear.

Similar Things NO. 6

You can add whatever you like, images or video on your project for PPT and Prezi.

Different Things NO. 7

For this one I think is the sharing point. You can share ever time you want on Prezi. But for PPT you should add it to the email and send, a little bit trouble to share on PPT.

Similar Things NO. 7

Cost: the really good for those two good presentation device. FREE! all free, good!

Different things NO. 8

For PPT is a traditional iconic customizable but for Prezi it is a new, unique presentation devices.

Similar Things NO. 8

You can change words size, types and all kind of languages. Pretty convenience for those devices.
Prezi vs. Powerpoint

My preference

I think I like Prezi more that powerpoint. Because Prezi has so many kinds of presentation forms. You can change all the place or things on Prezi it is a fun process to do on Prezi.