The Compound

S.A. Bodeen


Eli Yanakakis is the 9-year-old son of billionaire Rex Yanakakis, a man obsessed with the possibility of nuclear war. When a nuclear bomb falls on the United States, Rex brings his family into a large, furnished fallout shelter. Rex accidentally leaves behind his son Eddy, who is Eli's twin. Eli enters the compound with his parents, his older sister, Lexie, and his younger sister, Therese.

Six years later, Eli wonders if his brother may have somehow survived the fallout outside the family compound. Life in the compound is getting more difficult. 3 children have been born while the family is in the compound, but they are for a sinister purpose. As food is running out, and as Eli finds out more about the compounds dark secrets, Eli decides that he will do anything to get his family out.



The protagonist in my book is Eli, a 15 year old pessimist living in"the Compound" the name for the underground bunker, with his family. He is very smart and athletic. He hasn't been in the outside world for 6 years. He has been in the compound since he was 9. He doesn't allow people to touch him after his twin died.


Rex is the father, a billionaire who built Yanakakis Industries. He was orphaned as a child, used his genius to get a degree from MIT, and start one of the best technology companies in the world. He married Clea, and had Lexie, Eli, and Eddy, and Therese. Obsessed with nuclear wars, he built the Compound, and started it all.


Lexie, Eli's 17 year old adopted sister, dislikes Eli, thinking is selfish. She, like all siblings, is extremely smart. She is her father's princess, and doesn't listen to her mother. She, after going in the Compound, closed herself off, and became mean as a way of coping.


Therese, very smart and is 12. She has been named "Little Miss Perfect" by Eli, as she is fluent in French, plays the oboe, and never seems to make mistakes. She, like the rest of her siblings, had a way of coping: she adopted a British accent, watched British movies and TV shows, and read British books.


Clea, the mother of the Yanakakis Clan, and the wife of Rex, was a amazing violinist, and was the way she met Rex. She, gave birth to 3 children in the compound, not aware that there was a sinister purpose for the children. She tries to make the best of the situation, and is calm, quiet, and even-tempered.


Drama that relies on the emotional and relational development of realistic characters.

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