JWL's Tiger Tid-Bits

March | April 2019

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Spring is coming!

Charles Dickens said, "Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." My favorite part of spring is all the vibrant colors of the flowers!

Just like each flower blossoms in its own time, in its own way, and with its own spectrum of colors, I see our students blossoming, too! As they continue through the curriculum presented as the year progresses more and more "light bulb" moments are occurring as the students realize how their new learning connects to previous learning.

To keep their learning active and vibrant here are a dozen tips from www.educationcorner.com:

1. Develop an atmosphere of reading

2. Provide options for their learning to continue outside of school

3. Encourage open and sincere communication

4. Focus on their interests

5. Introduce and encourage different styles of learning

6. Share your enthusiasm for learning

7. Make learning fun through game-based learning

8. Focus on their learning, not their performance

9. Help your child stay organized

10. Recognize and celebrate achievements

11. Focus on strengths

12. Make everyday a learning day

Remember, at J.W. Long each student excels in every subject every day by displaying Tiger PRIDE!

Positive attitude
Respect for others
Determination &
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Unfortunately I am unable to link the live calendar to this newsletter; however, you may find our live calendar at our webpage at www.terrellisd.org/jwl. Look to the far right side; it shows a week at a time on our "homepage" of the JWL webpage. If you'd prefer to see the whole month at a glance click the link http://www.terrellisd.org/calendar-long.

Career Day is Coming!

We are hosting Career Day on Friday, March 29th!

If you are interested in coming to campus to talk with your child's class, and/or others, please contact Robyn Hedke by emailing her at robyn.hedke@terrellisd.org to get signed up.

This is for you to share about your career and/or military service.


We are having a lot of tardies. Please remember that the tardy bell rings at 8:15am.

If students are tardy they miss breakfast and the beginning of their instructional time.

Upon our return from spring break, parents must park and escort their children into the front office if they are tardy to get them signed in.

TISD offers Community Education Opportunities

For more information, please click here.

Available classes include

  • CPR
  • Citizenship
  • Cooking
  • Financial Literacy
  • ESL
  • GED

Box Tops

Thank you for your support of your students and our campus. We are collecting Box Tops. Here is the Box Top website: https://www.boxtops4education.com/about.

By being able to raise funds is important for our campus so that we are able to purchase special items for students. This includes goal rewards for grade levels and campus celebrations in general.


BUY: Find Box Tops on hundreds of products >

CLIP: Clip Box Tops from each package.

SEND: Send the Box Tops to school in a baggie or on a collection sheet >

EARN: Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for your school.

Parent Awareness of Social Media

To help you be aware of a current trend in social media, there is a scary character named "Momo" that is hacking into different children's media outlets and challenging children to do harmful acts to themselves. This is very dangerous if children act upon the challenges.

Parents, please be aware of what your children are accessing and viewing online.

Below is a button link to an article titled, "How to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media."

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School is out March 11 - 15th for Spring Break!

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Your access to seeing "live" student information.

To access Parent Portal, you can go to our Terrell ISD website and find the Parent Login link at the top of the website. Or, you may click the hyperlinks here in this newsletter "Parent Portal" subject title, or the underlined "Parent Login link" above. This information is found on the Parent Portal TxConnect homepage.

Your Parent Portal account will allow you access to your student's grades and attendance to check on their progress between progress reports and report cards.

Goals & Focus

Dress Code

A few reminders about dress code policy:

Students are to wear collared, single color shirts with black, navy, or khaki pants, shorts (if weather appropriate), or skirts.

For cooler days or classrooms, hoodies or sweaters are allowed that are also solid or single colored, Terrell Tiger spirit wear, or military.

For cold weather, outer wear can be any style, but it cannot be worn in the building. Students may wear it until arrive in the classroom where they will be asked to put it in their lockers or on the backs of their chairs. Leggings are also only supposed to be single solid color when worn to school to stay warm.

Also, jeans are only for Fridays or specially noted days such as College Day with college shirt.

For more information regarding the dress code please refer to the Student Code of Conduct and Handbook link located here on our TISD website.


Our campus is open to our families; we invite you to come and join us for various events and celebrations throughout the year. We have many opportunities for our families to get involved at our campus. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: reading and working with students, supporting the office by completing tasks such as making copies and laminating class projects, and monitoring and participating in school events including, but not limited to lunch/recess, field trips, and PTO. Visit www.terrellisd.org/volunteer to learn more about becoming a volunteer. You may also find our campus calendar by visiting http://www.terrellisd.org/calendar-long.

**Parents, I want to clarify, to apply for a volunteer badge it does NOT cost for the initial background check. I understand there is a fee amount listed on the background check; however, that is not for the initial check.

Stay connected with Remind

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In efforts to keep you well informed, I invite you to join our communication outlets. You can text the code @jwlongelem to the number 81010 to subscribe to our campus Remind thread. This is how I as the principal communicate directly with parents to give updates, reminders, and special notices. (These messages can be translated to your language of choice through the Remind app. Click here to access the app.) Speaking of sharing, if you like to tweet on Twitter, follow us look for our tag #TigerPride to see the amazing things happening across Terrell ISD.

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PTO Membership & Support

Thank you to all who have joined our PTO!

Our meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6pm.

PTO Meeting

Thursday, March 21st, 6pm

300 Creekside Drive

Terrell, TX


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Transportation Changes

If you must change your student's method of transportation, please be sure you send a note stating such. The note must include the date(s) of change, full name of your child, the changed method of transportation, and your signature with contact number. These changes need to be communicated in writing to the campus before 3:00pm each day to ensure no miscommunication occurs.

Also know that all names of people you grant permission to pick up your child(ren) from school need to be listed in our student database. Please be sure you've updated this information to expedite the pick up process in the office.

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Child Nutrition

  • Student meal accounts: Parents will need their student's ID number to set up their Lunch Money Now account. Please call the Terrell ISD School Nutrition Department at 972-563-7504 for help with this process. To access menus or complete a meal application, please go to http://www.terrellisd.org/school-nutrition.

Lunch Visits

  • We encourage parents and guardians to join their student for lunch from time to time. Due to limited space and for the safety of our students, parents/guardians are to eat with ONLY their child at the reserved visitor tables on the stage. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • Also note that occasional lunch drop offs are understood as students may forget their lunch from time to time. If dropping off a lunch for your student please do so before their scheduled lunch time. If your child does not have a lunch at their scheduled lunch time, we will have them get a lunch through the cafeteria line. Lunch time is an extremely busy time in the front office; when lunches are dropped off, a contact is made to the teacher's classroom. The teacher is to have the student retrieve his/her lunch on the way to the cafeteria. You may also contact your child's teacher via Remind message to confirm the child has received their lunch.
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School Uniforms

  • Any solid color polo or button-down collared shirt are allowed. Large logos are not permitted.
  • Bottoms must be khaki, navy, or black. Bottoms include pants, skorts, capris, knee length skirts or shorts are allowed. Jogger style, skinny fit, and cargo style pants/shorts are not allowed.
  • On PE days, students need to wear closed toed shoes, preferably tennis shoes.

Spirit Wear on Fridays

Students and staff may wear Terrell Tiger spirit shirts with blue jeans.
Click here to access the TISD Student Handbook

In the student handbook you will find the complete dress code policy, code of conduct, and grading guidelines.