Assistive Technology

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The ULS team is the Goose Creek assistive technology team. It is comprised of professionals throughout the district who are trained in assistive technology devices and services.

Universal Learning Support Team

The goal of the Universal Learning Support Team is to build capacity of campus staff to make independent and informed decisions regarding consideration, evaluation, and implementation of assistive technology devices and services.

1. Roles:

- Provide technical assistance

- Facilitate evaluations

- Support implementation

2. Responsibilities:

- Develop district policies and procedures

- Build capacity with evaluation and campus staff

- Help guide the consideration, evaluation, and implementation process

ULS Team Areas of Specialization


1. Jami Garrett, AT specialist, ULS lead

2. Computer Access: Christi Goodman, OTR

Delene Juarez, OTR

3. Composition of Written Material: Clint Harwell, TVI

4. Reading: Dawn Massingill, Ed.Diag.

5. Recreation and Leisure: Pauline Timmons-Brown, Sped Coordinator for Compliance and Accountability

6. Seating, Positioning and Mobility: Christi Goodman,OTR Delene Juarez, OTR

7. Communication: Jami Garrett, AT

Michael Clayton, CCC-SLP

Staci Scroggin, CCC-SLP

8. Motor Aspects of Writing: Christi Goodman, OTR

Delene Juarez, OTR

9. Math: Clint Harwell, TVI

10. Organization: ULS team

11. Vision: Clint Harwell, TVI

Carrie Istre, TVI

12. Hearing: Angie Torres, Audiologist

13. Severe/Profound: Carrie Istre, TVI